I am a professional gamer so I suggest some of the best games that I played recently to my friends. Recently I addicted to a simple arcade game that comes under the casual category in PlayStore is “Mask on / Mask off”, really it is a simple but interesting game. I found this game recently creates a new trend between other developers, The new approach followed in this game is to donate the revenue they got from the advertisement to the people who are all suffering in this pandemic. This is the main reason that makes this game so special and also it got appreciating reviews from fellow developers.

When I start to play this game I don’t know that I am going to be addicted to this, “Mask on / Mask off” the rule of the game is in its name. We have to put masks on the unmasked smiley faces within the given duration of the levels, in every next level the time duration for the game will be decreased and we have to put masks on more number of unmasked faces we can catch. These smiley faces are playing hide and seek with us that makes this game interesting.

Everything I’ve found in this game is unique, even they crafted emoji icons as nurses, vaccines, and pills were so attractive in this game. Whenever I moved to the next level, my account is filled with some points, and with them I can purchase the items that helps to complete the difficult rounds, adding duration and clearing blocked squares. And simple interface gives you a smooth and satisfying gaming experience.

OnceRed LLC developed this game with the premise of “Gaming designed to give back”. The advertising video present in the game generates funds for the local food pantries and first responders who require support. Most of the other games collect money from the users but this is the first time I encounter a new trendsetter who forwards to help people with their product.

If you want to donate to people who suffer in this quarantine you can choose to play this game, and also we are the users who have to welcome these kinds of fundraising games in the market.  Mask on / Mask off demands android mobiles with 4.1 and later versions. Users are supported by info@oncered.com, and the reviews and feedbacks of the users were highly appreciated.

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