Have you ever played Sudoku anywhere in the newspaper or online? Probably, you might have! Sudoku is an brain teaser that was invented centuries ago, but, it is such a brilliant game that refreshes and relaxes your mind. In fact, it requires a lot of focus and stretches your brain in order to solve the puzzle. I’m also a big fan of Sudoku, but, I also wait for some other comparable original brainteaser varieties which can be appreciated. So I found another mind game dispair © that was invented years ago and is much better than the other puzzles. Therefore,the author claims the sole copyright that anyone cannot copy this game and is punished to do so.

dispair was firstly introduced on the iOS and I’m very glad to introduce you to the Android version now, which is significantly improved as compared to the iOS version. The game is well-suited for the children as well as all adults. This is the beta version of dispair which I’m going to review today. It has been developed by Siegfried Schulz, the last 5 month and is published this month on Google Play Store.

dispair is just like arranging some alphabets corresponding to its neighbour letter. You need to find out a given order of letters respectively colors using a minimum number of attempts and time. The app is totally different from other popular brain teasers and it might become a new brain teaser classic. There are 2 modes for playing dispair which you can choose. You can start playing either beginner or professional mode. There are 5 levels in total and first level no 4 can be played for free, whereas the other levels can be purchased via the app. This latest version of the app offers various functions such as hint selection, simulations and demos and there is an additional ‘transparency option’ to look inside the game logic and to expand the wealth of game variations.

So the app is most suitable for children to sharpen their mind skills and also for all the players at all the gameplay accessibility is now heavily promoted by the app. The game seems very challenging at the beginning, but, as you play and practice more and more, your experience and intuition will grow more. So you surely have to train yourself diligently to enjoy the full fun of dispair.

There is a dispair ranking site which publish the rankings of the performed games so you can also save your game results on the Internet and compare them with the game results of other dispair players. The game is meant for fun and entertainment purposes. In addition to this, the game also relaxes your mind and give a break from your life.

Overall, the performance of dispair is very good as you can play the game on the plane also without having an Internet Connection. The user interface of dispair is very simplified and it has reduced the mass of information on Android.

This version of dispair is available in almost 8 languages. So there is no chance of stepping back! Enjoy this now!

PROS: user-friendly interface; super-addictive mind game; challenging; 5 levels to play; improves arithmetic; in-app purchases; a wealth of entertaining game variants.

CONS: demos and simulations of this dispair version still ignore the hints details; no posting in dispair Internet ranking without Internet connection.