In the ancient times, people used to convey their message via telegrams, letters and sometimes the ‘Pigeon’. Am I right? But, as the time has been changed, new ways of conveying messages have been discovered. There are lots of apps to deliver your messages in a different style. But, today I’m going to introduce you the latest method of sending a message which you’ve never heard about earlier. It may sound strange in the beginning, but actually, it’s awesome! Yes, it’s called “Bottled”, a modern version of sending a message in a bottle.

Bottled is a romantic way to write a message in a bottle and set it adrift in the sea to land who-knows-where in the world. Of Course, the message can be delivered to anyone, who is living on the other side of the world. If you’ve the help of Octopus, your message will be received by 8 people. If the person accepted your message, then you can become friends and chat with your encounters all over the world. However, if the message is released then it will float again in the sea and encounter someone else. It will totally depend on the type of your content! If you have created some interesting content, then it will increase your reputation.

You can also open the profile of the users your bottles passed by and see who liked your Adventures. There is a notification tab which is added inside the app, through which you can know everything that happened to your bottles. In this way, you can make new friends, learn new languages and discover new adventures. Once you’ve made new friends, you can share your thoughts and stories with them. Also, you can answer quizzes from the Cheeky Captain to test your knowledge of the world.

With Bottled, you can send a message to anyone in the world, chat with them, keep your favorite Bottled messages within your personal treasure chest. You can follow the journey of your bottles in real time. By using the map provided by the app, you can track your bottle and see where your message is floating. Similarly, you can discover other bottled messages from all over the world. Moreover, you’ve the right that you can drown your previous bottled messages at anytime you want.

You can earn Gold coins by sending more and more messages having good content and also trade your earned Gold for other useful treasures. Bottled has been developed by Honi, Inc. and is available totally for free on the App Store. All you need is to have the latest Android OS in your Smartphone.

So try this modern way of sending messages to the whole world now! If you’re looking for a new friend, or simply an intellectual connection, Bottled has everything for you!

Let your messages drift to the unknown!

PROS: discover awesome adventures; learn new languages; discover new cultures; meet new people; brilliant user-interface; modern way to send messages; available in 8 languages; free.

CONS: none.