out_of_breaks_iconOut of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing is an arcade-style racing game available on the App Store & Google Play. The game promises to take us back to the days when we used to play with toy cars. The gameplay of the game is designed to look like an old school 8 bit game which resembles a lot to the Lego World. The game requires the player to steer a Lego Kart shaped car through a series of obstacle, whose brakes have failed. The game requires user’s constant attention thanks to the many obstacles and coins that are to be collected. The game itself is very easy and there is not much of a learning curve to it. The game also does not lag which is a good thing. The Graphics are okay but there is a chance of improvement in the sector. The game music is also not that good, I myself chose to better play the game with the sound on mute. The game shares a lot of similarity with the widely popular game Crossy Road. Though the copy is bit of a lower quality. The developer sure have found a great idea to base their game on but the adaptation is very unpleasant right now. If the developers are serious about this then they need to change a lot of things.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good, it surely arouses a strong feeling of nostalgia through its design. But the game has some improvement that are needed.Although the game does not lag which is a great hing. The easy interface here works in the game’s favour.

Design : The game is quintessentially based on the Crossy Road theme. Everything in the game is going to remind you of the game. As mentioned the game has a very old school design that is very likeable. But even then there is some changes that are needed in the design as well.

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Music : Music plays an important role in a video game and this is one thing that can single handedly make or mar an experience of the game and in this case its the latter one. The music is kind of terrible and it is something that the game developer urgently needs to change.

Overall: The game is good but it has a lot of improvements needed here and there. The game is free to play so there is lose in trying out this game. If you are a fan of arcade racing you may like this simple and easy going game.

In today’s time when there are so many arcade racers available in the different App Stores, Out of Brakes – Endless Arcade Racing has surely a lot of competition and a lot to accomplish, The idea of the game is very good but it needs a lot of work to be done in order to make it work. If the developers apply the said changes the game will surely be liked by many. But at current state the game is very crude and raw and very unlikable. Out of Brake is one such game which is neither very likable nor you can hate it, you just kind of stay in the middle hoping the game improves and you start liking it.

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