leo_iconThere are several android apps that are meant to enhance the overall security of your phone and one such app is the LEO Privacy Guard. Precisely, this app enables you to hide pertinent information like SMS and other applications safe from the intrusive eyes of other people who might somehow gain access to your phone. To enhance the overall security of your data and information, you can opt to use a PIN or a password that must be supplied in order to launch the apps or access the information that is secured.

One of the most notable features of this privacy guard is its ability to not only secure the mobile phone itself, but also the applications installed in the phone. Most security features usually secure the data contents such as SMS but do not have any protection mechanism when it comes to actually securing pertinent applications. This is not the case with LEO since the app allows you to protect any app that you might deem sensitive thereby ensuring that access to such apps is strictly controlled.

Another aspect that is perhaps unique to this  app is the support for incremental protection. The developers of this app must have factored the different protection needs of users since the app is designed to offer incremental protection according to the specific needs of the user. Precisely, the app offers several levels of protection including dangerous, vigilant, normal, good and perfect. This might seem a tad bit confusing especially for novice users but the app has made it significantly easier to select the most appropriate protection level by making suggestions based on the specific conditions of the user.

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One of the most common smartphone usages is taking of photographs and recording of videos. The enhanced capability of smartphone to facilitate easy taking of photos and video recording has significantly increased the functionality of these devices while at the same time exposing the users. It is now very easy to share photo and video content that may undermine the privacy of the user. This is not an issue with LEO Privacy Guard App since it significantly enhances the securing of photo and video based data content.

In addition to securing your phone’s data and applications, another important feature of LEO protection app is the fact that this app also offers additional features and support services that might not be directly related to the securing your phone. For instance, the app can monitor data usage, battery level and general app management. Moreover, the app also features stylish lock covers that might serve to improve the overall appearance of the apps home screen. The speed boost feature is also another laudable aspect of the app since it serves to enhance the overall performance of your phone. All in all, LEO Privacy guard is indeed an effective app that can significantly en Ahance the security of your phone, helps you with day to day phone management aspects such as battery monitoring and even enhance the overall performance of your phone. These features make LEO Privacy Guard App a convenient and fun to use app.