Joe has built multimillion-dollar businesses, produced critically acclaimed documentaries and an Emmy-winning television show, invested millions in real estate, and is now semi-retired at 43. He is now sharing a lifetime of financial knowledge through Play Louder, a resource that assists individuals and business owners in increasing their net worth and planning for the future.

With so many exciting events happening these days, I could find perfect solace in spending time looking for the ideal web app to distract my anxious mind from everything. There have been a lot of web apps on the agenda recently. Still, I always like to return to Play Louder – Finance, Business & Real Estate Advice web app for learning, particularly the Finance, Business & Real Estate variety.


At tax time, Joe prepares year-end financials for your CPA. Joe will work with your CPA to ensure they have taken advantage of all tax deductions.

Branding and marketing

Working with multinational ad agencies accounted for much of Therapy’s business. So, besides overseeing all of the Therapy’s branding and marketing, he is well-versed in how large corporations market themselves.


Joe can also help you identify and vet any other business ideas you can add to your already doing. As a perfect example, one of the clients was considering adding a distribution arm to their beer company. Joe ran the numbers, which was a very compelling addition to the business model with a low barrier to entry because they were already partly doing it.

Manage the Books

Joe makes your accounting as automated as possible and organises your financial and business documents. Joe likes to use a few unique processes to make things easier for everyone. Joe also handles your company’s payroll, which is usually done in Gusto or Quickbooks Payroll but can use whatever you have set up.

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