inby_iconHave you ever had that one thing to offer, but no means to attract your target group? Or, better yet, have you ever wanted to get or buy something, but you really don’t know where to get it from at the most reasonable price. Well, am sure at one point in your life you’ve experienced these types of dilemmas. For most small businesses, advertising can be a bit impossible. At the same time, finding offers, discounts and vacancies among other necessities can be a very tiresome undertaking for most clients and customers. Most of us will agree that finding a way to bridge the gap between businesses and potential clients is of great importance and thanks to Codesmart LLC, we have that bridge.

INBY, which is Scottish for “nearby” or in simpler terms “fairly close”, is an apple mobile application software developed by Codesmart LLC that provides an interface for stores, businesses and social amenity buildings to communicate directly to their client informing them of any discounts, sales, promotions, deals, news, events and vacancies. This heroic app came to save those of us who found running around the city looking for offers a mind boggling activity.

With the help of INBY, users get to choose where to shop, bank, chill, rave or study. This amazing app helps big city businesses like; stores, banks, cafes, bars, pubs, libraries, restaurants, supermarkets, museums, pharmacies, beauty parlors, studios, gyms, various agencies, training centers, offices, repair shop and so on. The list of people who can use this app is endless not forgetting the clients being targeted by the various businesses.

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This is how it works. First off, a city business owner installs the app into their mobile phone and sends a blast message. INBY has the ability to map the exact location of a store that has posted a message about any offers, discounts, sales or basically any notification to its clients. Clients who have installed the app on their apple iPhones will be able to see the message and locate the store location from the app. The fun part about all this is that this is a very flexible app that can be used by anyone and for almost any purpose, for instance; it might be that special meal offer at Maggie’s restaurant on Friday evening or that 5% discount for anything above $200 at Walmart or even the free eye check-up at Maywood clinic.

The following are some of the awesome features of inby;

* Supports more than one language, that is, English and Russian.

* Has the ability to map store locations.

* IOS 8.0+ compatible, which means, it can run on most apple devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.

Evidently, it safe to say that INBY could possibly be a shopaholic’s most treasured app because;

* It is free to download and use.

* It’s a cost saver since it enables shoppers to locate and buy things at the cheapest prices.

* It keeps shoppers and most clients up to date with all the offers around them.

* It save on time because one will be sure of where to go to using the mapped scheme.

* It help them find their favorite items from a big city.

Inby has helped its users to connect with each other and also eased the hustle in a big city. Don’t miss out on all the fun and convenience that INBY offers.

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