commander_one_logoNot all users are satisfied with “Finder”, the famous file manager integrated into the OS X. On the web are many alternatives, among which an app called “Commander One”, available also in a free version, which is already really functional.

Commander one is a FTP/SFTP/FTPS client for Mac OS X, which is fast and reliable but also very intuitive and user-friendly. The app comes with all options that one may need when working with files, like edit, view, copy between servers, create, delete, and many others, all in a securely encoded way.

Commander One can be downloaded in the basic free version directly from the developer’s official website, and will occupy around 30 MB of space on the disk. There is also available the PRO version, that can be tested for free, with a 2 weeks trial. After the two weeks, if satisfied with the proposed features, you can purchase it. According to the developer, Commander One needs at least OS X 10.9 + to be correctly installed on Mac.

Commander One brings with it all the characteristics of Finder (app present by default on OS X), with an addition of very interesting features, among which the possibility to share the screen in two parts. Among the features, we should also remember the possibility to choose from the various screens, various options on screen visibility, and the possibility to make the files visible in the toolbar or hide the files. Besides, you can choose to explore your folders by simply opening a new window. In addition to all this, the free version of the Commander One offers full support for the zip files, gives the possibility to set keyboard shortcuts, have a complete integration with Bonjour, has many fonts and colors to choose from, as well as many other functions.

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On the other hand, the PRO version of Commander One includes an FTP Manager, a Terminal emulator, a manager of the various processes, many themes to choose from, support for the various compressed files among which zip, rar, tbz, tgz, etc., Dropbox integration and many more. In fact, the complete name of the app is Commander One PRO – FTP/SFTP client, RAR, 7zip and Tar extractor. The name, wisely chose by the creators, includes the main features proposed and is considered a classy solution for the easy management of documents and data present on your Mac. Commander One PRO was fully developed in Swift and boasts all the efficient and necessary features that a file manager must have:

  • Create, cancel, open, move, and rename new data and folders;
  • Use specific names and data for the research;
  • You can choose the preferred graphics between the existent ones;
  • All the operations are placed (and found) in a queue;
  • Possibility to create keyboard shortcuts;
  • Personalize your favorites and many other operations.

Besides all these features, Commander One PRO is also an FTP Client and FTP manager. The app manage with ease the devices compatible with the MTP protocol, perfectly recognize the various compression formats zip, rar, tbz, tgz and many more, and is fully integrated with Dropbox for the management and share of the files in the cloud.

As an overall, Commander One is a valid tool that can proof to be really useful especially for those who use a Mac for work purposes, but can also be a valid substitute for the Finder of Apple.