Gratitude Tipping is an innovative tipping application regarding how much of a tip should be left and how much the bill is each if you are splitting amongst friends. This simple-to-use and revolutionary application is responsible for figuring out how the bill will be split and also computing exactly what should be left as a tip globally using its in built algorithm.

Gratitude has the ability to compute an appropriate tip for every country which makes it extremely convenient, particularly, overseas. When it comes to tipping in eateries, for cabs, porters, or drinks, this app offers the user its precise location and performs all the hard work for them. Gratitude provides the user with the local dialect so they can ask for the bill in the language of the country they’re in, which can prove to be extremely helpful, and culturally aware, while one is on the go.

Furthermore, the application is able to function even without an Internet connection. In case the user simply wants to explore other parts of the world through the Gratitude map, or is venturing through an area of the world without good mobile connection, they can simply select the location and continue calculating the tip offline.

Apart from this, Gratitude also includes a useful travel guide for every single nation which provides useful info including, but not limited to, different points of interest that one should visit, local cuisines which must be tried out as well as any essential information regarding the country where the user is traveling.

The Key Features:

  1. Includes an integrated algorithm which informs the user of the tipping culture of every single nation.
  2. Your tip amount changes depending on the service rating, location and group size.
  3. Gratitude helps to locate the user and also asks them to confirm its accuracy.
  4. It can work offline by means of a drop-down menu without any location service.
  5. Every country’s flag is going to change according to your location.
  6. It informs the user of the number of countries visited by them and their average star rating.
  7. The users will be guided on how to request for the bill in the local language irrespective of the country where they are.

Regarding Enjay Training Ltd:

An individual named Julius Goldthorpe was responsible for creating and designing Gratitude Tipping application with the intention of making it simpler to tip while you are in an unfamiliar country. Enjay Training Ltd is an app development business as well as consultancy and its intention is to create lifestyle applications to help individuals lead a simple life. Apart from Gratitude Tipping, other applications are also in the pipeline; so watch this space!