catchup_math_iconYesterday, I saw 3 children were buying ice creams and they paid 70 rupees for three cones and they decided to divide the money in between three of them, but they don’t know how to do. They were finding it difficult, isn’t it silly? This is our new generation guys! Anyone can call you a fool if you don’t know how to do simple calculations.

Children wonder that Maths is a fearful jigsaw puzzle and is like walking over the flames. It’s a difficult subject and every student takes time to understand it. Some of them learns instantly and some slowly. There are no midway answers in math, either it is a right answer or wrong but never in-between. This is the reason that children don’t like maths because they don’t like to be proved wrong. They just don’t know the purpose of solving math problem and their parents don’t teach maths in an interesting way. Once they know it’s purpose then they will definitely understand mathematics.

I will help you in tackling with maths with a unique app called Catchup Math. The app works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having 8.0 or any later version of the iOS.

The app has been developed by Catchup Math in an interesting way and easy to use platform. It is a fun based app where you can learn mathematics by not cramming but doing practical exercises. Starting with the topics that you find most difficult, this app enables you to locate them within seconds through its search bar. This innovative app pinpoints your learning gaps through its short diagnostic quizzes and highlight the areas where you need improvement.

With its personalized written lessons, videos and practice problems you can achieve success in maths. The videos are clear and concise being taught by math teachers and professors. The graphics of the app are clearly defined. The app is managed properly and covers six world class courses which includes Grade 6 Math through Geometry and Algebra 2 and elementary Arithmetic is also there.

The app individually instructs you and guide you to solve mathematical problems with step-by-step explanations. It has a unique scratchpad also to work out answers. For doing calculations you can use its in-app calculator which is highly functional. The distinct feature of the app is the lessons are written in English and Spanish language.

Catchup Math is a perfect app for students on vacation; college students preparing for competitive exams and adults who wants to improve on Geometry and Algebra. The concepts you already understand won’t be discussed in this app, it will only focus on your weak points without wasting time or efforts.

So, don’t go away from maths, it’s really an interesting subject if you understand it practically. Catch up maths with this fantastic app!

Get it on your iPad today! It’s available for free in the App Store.

PROS: interactive graphics; short quiz to find learning gaps; clear videos; 6 courses; highly functional in-app calculator; search bar provided to locate math topics; problems with stepwise explanations; free.

CONS: none.

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