gelling_iconEffective teamwork is an important aspect of every successful project in any industry. Agile Literacy has recognized this need for team building and practicing a team’s dynamic and they have launched an app which has conquered the market. The Akeakami Quest iOS and Android app has been launched on December 20, and so far, it has mostly good reviews. 

Akeakami Quest teambuilding game is designed to increase the motivation of the team members and develop an effective team work. And since it is has created a lot of buzz on the app market, we have decided to give it a try, test it and check if it increases the effectiveness of our team.

It certainly is a fresh idea for making a high performance team. It lets you develop certain strengths and skills while having fun with your colleagues. Even though it is a game, a member of the team easily recognizes the need for clear and effective communication in order to get things done. 

The Akeakami Quest is specifically designed to force collaboration and teach professional peers how to work together. It is also forcing transparency, which inspires trust building between team members. The fact that it is a competitive app with other teams is another advantage. All in all, it is a good application with great psychological benefits for all industry companies.

However, there are also downsides to this Gelling iphone app. It is not suitable for smaller businesses. The main reason for this is that in order for your team to be competitive, it should include at least five members; a number which is too big for some companies. It is also questionable feature that all members are equal and there isn’t one admin peer which will guide the team through the adventures of the island. It is nice however that each individual member is allowed and inspired to take ownership of his own tasks and performance. This creates a sense of accomplishment and achievement. The only shortage of the app might be the final result and its disconnection to the reality. If there is a way for a manager to reward his team members for their accomplishment I believe it would leave long term results and higher level of motivation!


The application indeed increases the effectiveness of the team by forcing them to work together and assigning them specific individual tasks. It encourages communication. It is designed to be played from any location with an internet access.


Minimum of five players is needed to accomplish team effectiveness. There is no team leader. The results from the game cannot be instantly materialized, they are psychological only. 

Final verdict

All things considered, it is a great idea for a game like this to be invented and the interface of the game is also not to be underestimated. The Agile Literacy team is the first company which creates a connection between a game application and team cooperation. It is recommended as an after work activity for every company which recognizes the need for team members to have a sense of belonging to a group!

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