Qtok is a virtual interpretation app that allows users to access live language translation services on the go, those who use this application are commonly referred to as Qtokers. The program allows you to communicate with others freely without any linguistic barriers.

Qtok is very thorough in translating since it allows people to understand the context, tone and pitch of words being passed across. The app is freely available for download both on Android Playstore and Appstore. It has around 556 professional interpreters who can translate English into 61 different languages. Since real people are the ones offering the service, this program is far more superior to automated interpreter apps.


I. It helps users communicate freely in emergency situations such medical help or legal cases.

II. Can be helpful for tourists visiting other countries and need to understand the local language, you can translate from English to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin and more.

III. Can be used from anywhere even in remote locations, all you require is a mobile phone.

IV. Versatile and can be used both for corporate or personal duties.

V. Cost-effective pricing with free translation services also available.


a) May not be understood by those who aren’t technology savvy.

b) Translators may interpret certain terms differently based on their understanding.

Key features

a) Has specialist translators for certain niche areas, you can find experts with experience in medical, fiscal or legal language.

b) Has unique communication tools for video, voice and instant messaging. It’s also possible to send pictures and files directly to the other end.

c) There are fulltime interpreters on the platform available 24/7, you can choose them based on their rating, language and cost. Though some services are absolutely free.

How it works:

The first step is downloading the translator program to your mobile phone, next choose the option of Qtoker in your newly created account then confirm it using your email address. For those who are already signed to Qtok, they should just register from their profile by adding all the necessary information.

I. Open your Qtok translation app. Check the available shortlist of Qtokers and pick one who best fits the bill. You can either begin the translation immediately, or alternatively discuss the details which you need. Note that reviewing the translators services isn’t chargeable, but once you’ve agreed with the professional and are both ready the paid service session may start after clicking on a button.

II. If you need the translation to be done on a later date, simply make a reservation for that particular period. Remember to mark the specific time, or any other important parameter needed for further translation.

III. Making Quick orders. To do this you should first check the offers available from interpreters, review the professional’s rating, price and area of residence. Based on this information, you can choose the ones you like and get the necessary translation.

IV. Fulfill the language translations you need. After the work is complete, remember to assess and provide feedback on the Qtoker platform, so that other users can use it to make their judgments. You may as well leave tips if satisfied with the translation services provided.

Final verdict

Qtok is a convenient iPhone app for language translation, it’s highly recommendable for travelers and business persons who visit foreign countries.

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