flying_witch_iconFlying Witch Mania is an outstanding game that features witches and is incredibly interesting. The app is free to download. A player is free to customize and randomize their avatar according to their preferences. This article looks into the features of Flying Witch Mania, its pros and cons. The game is extremely easy to play as you can play using one hand. 

The storyline revolved around Makoto, who is a young witch from Yokohama, who is moving in with some relatives. The daily life of Makoto is pretty interesting and full with peculiarities of witchcraft. The encounters of the young girl are suspenseful and interesting- When Makoto meets a fortune teller who reveals that he was tricked into being turned into a dog is pretty interesting.

The blend of actions creates the spark of interest for a player. With each progression in the game, more exciting events take place, keeping the viewer hooked. Makoto is determined to utilize her witchcraft powers to transform the fortune teller. Unfortunately, her charms only turn the fortune teller into dog form. Brilliant speculation and unpredictable scenes emerge and one can do nothing but play more.

The daily encounters of the girls are pretty much action packed and will leave you asking for more of this action packed game. The fast paced and action packed game will keep a player intrigued throughout the play. This information-rich and clearly written play charts relatively unknown territory with which we need to become much more familiar. This is one of the most outstanding games that will take your heart. This sensation game is developed renowned produces has received an overwhelming download since its release.


  • The witch moves constantly and a player has to device ways to jump and navigate to ensure that she is not burnt. 
  • Unlimited game play- You can play the game continuously for as long as you want. The characters change depending on how the timings of your taps. A play is required to demonstrate smooth moves and collect the most bones in an attempt to advance to higher levels.
  • Choose from 8 characters- A player has a choice to choose from the 8 characters. You then use the character to display your moves and try to beat your friends. 
  • Gadgets and equipment- You can make use of the unique equipment and gadget to enhance your hero to the next levels. To the top leaderboard ahead of other players and without letting the flames get to the witch.


  • The game is unique and based on peculiar witch topic
  • It is extremely easy to play
  • A player plays unlimited games


  • Some actions in the game are slow

The developers of the game spin a tale that is riveting, suspenseful, and deliciously intriguing with a unique take on witchcraft, and with one of the most terrifying villains. Nevertheless, this game has been compared to a number of other ones before. But it is safe to say, it stands out significantly in uniqueness. Make an informed decision to download and enjoy the most entertaining gaming experience of your life.

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