Selfie Timelapse DePict LogoIf you have ever wanted to be able to make a nice video using nothing but selfies, then Selfie Timelapse DePict is the ideal app for you. It allows to take several selfies and then use them to create a timelapse video. This means you can do anything you want, from showing how your day has gone is a selection of images, or even take photos of different stages of a project you’re working on so people can see all the cool work you have done.

This app also comes with a nice range of features so then you can add your own little bit of customization to your timelapse videos. You can add subtitles to each image so then you can explain what you’re doing or give a running commentary. You don’t even have to use selfies that you have taken with the app either. You can import some of the picture from your mobile device and even create videos in a range of video formats.

The range of features with this app doesn’t stop here. You can also add dates and times to images so then you can make a nice timelapse video of selfie memories. This means that you a free to tell a story just as you want it.

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This app is worth using simply for the amount of control that it puts at your fingertips. You can decide how quickly each frame moves, so then you can have a lot of selfies in a short video or just one or two. The app also comes with guidelines built into it, so then you can customize your video so it looks exactly how you want it to. Very few selfie timelapse apps are able to offer this kind of control.

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