You can discover the world through augmented reality tours that provide contextual information in multiple locations. Wintor enables digital content creators to tell their stories to a large audience by publicly promoting and sharing the experiences, allowing anyone with a phone to access and enjoy the immersive experiences via our platform. In addition, AR tours are made simple.

Wintor Creator

You can easily create augmented reality tours on your own phone or tablet using the no-code Wintor Creator. You can easily position and adjust engaging content wherever you want. Pin images, 3D objects, movies, text, virtual guides, 360 content, and real-world portals. When you’re finished, save your AR Spot to the cloud and share it with anyone. They offer the tools for you to create the story.


Once your tour has been published, visitors can take time using the Wintor AR app. The visitors can scan the area to bring the stories to life. You can explore AR tours in your favourite museums and cities, learn about the history and cultural heritage through engaging content embedded in your reality, or go on a scavenger hunt with your friends and family using our platform.

Outdoor Augmented Reality Tour

You can easily create a digital guided tour using the Wintor platform. Their platform combines the power of cloud storage, visual positioning, and GPS. So there’s no need for QR Codes, and your visitors will never get lost thanks to our built-in navigation. So begin now, and you’ll have an AR Tour within an hour. The possibilities are endless, so enhance your city, campus, museum, or historical site.

Indoor Augmented Reality Tour

You can also place and save content indoors using our powerful platform. Place relevant visual stories in your surroundings. Everything is possible and straightforward to create from one location to an entire indoor tour.

Final Thoughts

Wintor AR allows you to superimpose valuable visual content and information on top of the real world. You can easily create, save, and share exciting AR tours right from your phone or tablet.

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