It should be no surprise to businesses that people want assurance before spending money on a product or service. Given the high level of trust in online reviews, companies should carefully consider their online presence in terms of customer reviews and their responses to those reviews.

Purchases Are Motivated By Proof

The quantity of online shoppers who read and take into account reviews is astounding, suggesting that positive thoughts and thoughtful responses drive an increase in purchases. Consumers want to be assured that their decisions are supported and that others agree with them. In simple terms, people care what others think, and they are far more likely to purchase if other people think it’s a good idea or adds value — even if those people are random strangers.

Algorithms Will adore your Brand.      

Learning to drive customer reviews to your business is also suitable for SEO and algorithm performance. For example, 60% of shoppers start their product research journey online, and Google is usually their first stop.

Reviews online help Google’s search engine and the content that appears in search results, resulting in higher rankings for your product, service, or brand. The more attention your brand receives through customer reviews, the better it will be able to ride the ever-changing algorithms of Google. The greater your brand or business ranks in Google’s algorithmic ranking system, the more authority it has.

Where to Ask for Reviews

Organizations can also request reviews via email after the transaction has been completed or the item has been purchased. According to research, post-transactional emails prompt up to 70% of reviews. An email list can be a lifeline for businesses looking to engage with customers and build their brand. Review requests should be brief, to the point, and courteous to the customer. Text or social media messages can also be used to send reviews. You would like to have your satisfied customers or clients remember their favourable experiences with your brand when the time comes for them to leave a review. Customers can even rate their experience with your product immediately after purchasing it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to building a trusted brand that inspires customer loyalty, reviews can be the “ace in the hole.” Pursuing positive reviews can help a business thrive and result in a significant increase in sales.

The human desire for validation of one’s purchasing decisions will never die. Businesses should go after those reviews and make them a more prominent component of their overall marketing efforts to ensure they don’t miss out on opportunities to increase revenue or brand-building.