Yahoo Mobile Developer Meetup LOGO

Yahoo will be setting up its first “Yahoo Mobile Developer Meetup” in India on 24th and 26th of June this 2015. This might be the smartest move to take in India especially with the increase of mobile users in the region. In addition, India has been the source of some of the best apps.

Yahoo mobile developers suite will greatly assist developers in bringing up their businesses, monetize and creation of better experience for their app users.

What is expected at the Yahoo Mobile Developer Meetup?

In this event, most of the mobile app developers will have an opportunity of networking with other participants from the mobile start-up and developer community. Moreover, they will get first-hand experience with the new Yahoo Mobile Developers Suite which has specifically bee designed to help them in measuring, advertising, monetizing and improving mobile apps. This suit embraces Yahoo data and technology and some traits from Flurry and BrightRoll.

The most important facts to know about this Meetup are:

This suite will give mobile app developers a more powerful engine which will boost the creation of mobile apps. As a developer, you will get the opportunities to get a first look at the new Yahoo mobile developers suite. The suite is in-built with explorer, Yahoo app publishing, Flurry pulse, Yahoo search in apps and Yahoo app marketing. In the Meetup, there will be a discussion with a panel of innovators and well-respected leaders.

For quite some time now, the Yahoo Messenger has remained stagnant in terms of technological progress. It is anticipated that the company will revive this app so as to work on new mobile messaging app.