English GrammarWant to test or improve your grammar today in English? Not sure how to go about it? Worry no more as there is an Android app called English Grammar Test, available in Google play store. You can download and install it for free in your android device. It provides you with the options of practicing English grammar, and you can start working on making your English better.

English Grammar Test app has simple and clean interfaces which are easy to use. It comes with about 600 preloaded English tests to enable you test yourself on English grammar. It is advisable to test yourself step-by-step and day by day to monitor your progress. There are about 20 grammar units of English such that at least a question generates from each unit to enable you cover all the English grammar units.

English grammar test has its own marking scheme which will enable you evaluate your test even as you practice. Once you have done a given test you are able to see where you are perfect in and where you need to adjust. You need to pay attention to the answers and explanations as to why you were not able to get some concepts right. This will enable you avoid such mistakes in the next test you take. Also that is how you will learn day in day out and before you know it your grammar shall have improved greatly.

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English grammar test has three levels, and starting new level requires you to have pass the previous level. This grammar test will show you when you have qualified for the next level by showing you a green color. You can do the grammar tests weekly or every twice a week for better results. You don’t need much to have and operate this app. Actually all you need is an android device to install it for free and it is simple to use and therefore will not have problems using it Try out this app today and the results will surprise you.

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