Review Body: Passwords are very important to protect your data and if we get a system to manage those then it is like an oasis in the dessert. However, it is donkeywork and we cannot do this manually but thanks to PassVult app which make this path easy. This app is true anti-cloud password manager. You all will be curious to know about this and here I am telling each and every thing about this app. 

I’m using this app for so many times and now I become the holder of my data and password. It is because within this app, my all data are stored and it is easy to handle them. It is secured as within this app, all the data are stored in one place and it is not shared with anyone else.

Let’s catch some features:

The app is supporting credit card information storing where you can store card number, CVV number & expiry date of your credit card. Other than this, you can also store physical codes related to your service. The secret questions and answer will help you in getting more security. This app also has a feature of generating the password for your account.

Some other features:

  • Set your own master key: You can set your own master password for your saved passwords.
  • AES: Data which are saved in the local database are in the form of AES i.e. Advanced Encryption System.
  • Check breaches: A user can also check if the email was exposed in any public breaches or not.
  • Touch ID enabled: The app is Touch ID & face ID enabled so without your permission nobody can open or access your data.   

Remember PassVult is not having any backup feature so if you wish to delete the app, mind it sure that your data will also get lost. Also, it does not support resetting PassVult password in case if you forget your password. Only you can change the password after login the app.

I love to access this app because it is user-friendly. If I face any kind of issue then I simply fill the form and report for a bug. It’s a lovely feature of this app. My all tension regarding the security of password and data is now vanishes. PassVult is with me so there is no worry. It’s safe, secure & easy. Thanks for such a nice application.