I had the opportunity to check out popular Android app namely Katt. – The # 1 Shop for Cat Lovers. When I sat down and tried it, I knew that this was something qualitative, as I’ve certainly never seen with such uniqueness before. And as someone who became obsessed with this Android app, I can definitely appreciate different salient features. This app does not disappoint and well worth for users.

They are regarded as the eminent curated online concept store featuring feline inspired items. The app also efficaciously functions as a unique platform for designers and illustrators. They introduce prosperous customers to exclusive collaborations from some of the most relevant independent artists and creative from all over the globe.

Their key goal is to create an online community for favourite feline loving artists, illustrators and designers known and unknown. The persuasive emphasis would be on collaboration and connecting artists to not only each other, but to a growing international audience as well. For popular artists and designers, it is an efficacious platform for expression. In addition for everyone else, they are the good place to engage with a rapidly expanding creative cat culture in one place.

It is as good alternative to perusing broad one-stop web shops, many people are looking to discover one-of-a-kind destinations that exclusively provide a highly curated selection of goods which would suit their specific interest.

Moreover it is understood that Katt. not just about beautiful statement pieces. The traditional idea of pins, t-shirt and prints is to show support. Interestingly showcasing the quality work of independent makers and supporting the artists behind them. All their products have one thing in common and it’s not only cats. Altogether their adept collections have a face and more people like the artists behind them.

I’m not sure why, but I’m always drawn to these types of apps, as I find them beneficial. Even though it feels like I’ve used almost every Android app on the Play Store, I still get a nice surprise every now and then. Katt. – The # 1 Shop for Cat Lovers is one of those titles that bring a smile to my face.