Carrom Online is best described as a “finger pool.” Players flick a large weighted disc (the striker) at smaller wooden discs on a 29″ x 29″ wooden board, the carrom-men. The goal is to get all nine carrom-men (black or white) and the red Queen into the four corner pockets. The first player or team to do so earns points for the round, commonly called a “board”. A standard Carrom game is played until one player has 25 points or 8 boards is completed.

Carrom is typically played with powder, though some variations employ cues. The most popular form of ‘proper’ Carrom is governed by a global set of rules known as The Laws of Carrom, which can be obtained from the International Carrom Federation.

Carrom is similar to Pool and Crokinole, but it is a unique game with its own set of strategies and techniques. Nobody knows where the game came from. It could have originated in Bangladesh, Burma, Egypt, or Ethiopia, but most people believe it came from India.

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Kinds of Carrom Games

There are numerous online carrom game variations, but the most popular are black-and-white Carrom and total point carrom. Players in black-and-white Carrom are given either black or white coins and can only pocket coins of that colour. Primarily the game is over when the Queen is pocketed, and the cover is successfully recovered, which can happen at any point during the round.

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Final Say

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