In the cutthroat world of app development, where thousands of new apps are released every day, standing out from the crowd and generating organic downloads can be a herculean task. However, there is a ray of hope for app developers in the form of AppMarketingPlus, a leading App Marketing Agency that has recently unveiled a groundbreaking Special App Marketing Package Offer. Priced at $1299, this special offer is designed to provide a comprehensive range of services to help app developers succeed in this fiercely competitive industry.

Republic Day Promotion for App Success

The services offered by AppMarketingPlus are extensive and tailored to address the unique challenges faced by app developers. Firstly, they provide a professionally written press release about your app, ensuring that your app receives the attention it deserves. This press release is then distributed to over 200 channels, guaranteeing its inclusion in Google News and Bing News, thereby maximizing its reach and impact.

AppMarketingPlus conducts a thorough analysis of your app as well as your competitors’ apps, enabling them to develop a powerful App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy for your app. This strategy encompasses ASO top chart and keywords ranking, ensuring that your app is prominently featured in relevant search results.

Maximize Your App’s Reach

To further enhance your app’s visibility and credibility, AppMarketingPlus offers positive review writing services by professional writers. They create 10 review articles that highlight the key features and benefits of your app. Moreover, they guarantee the publication of these reviews on 10 reputable websites, greatly amplifying your app’s exposure.

One of the standout features of AppMarketingPlus’s package is the featured promotion they offer. They will publish your app’s featured banner on the home pages of 10 review websites, effectively capturing the attention of potential users for impressive one-month duration. In addition to these services, AppMarketingPlus also offers the creation of a landing page website or a promotional video for your app. This enables you to showcase your app’s features in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

Services at a Glance

  • A Professionally written Press release about your app.
  • Press Release Distribution to 200+ channels with guaranteed inclusion of Google News & Bing News.
  • A complete analysis of your app, and your competitors’ apps and then develop an ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy for your app.
  • ASO Top chart and Keywords Ranking
  • Positive review writing by professional writers (10 review articles )
  • Guaranteed review publication of your app on 10 websites
  • Featured Promotion – They will publish your app featured banner on 10 review websites’ home page and it should be held for one month
  • Create a landing page website or Promotional Video for 60 Seconds.
  • App Store Rating and Reviews
  • Play store rating
  • App Installs (1000)

To boost your app’s credibility and attract more downloads, AppMarketingPlus provides app store ratings and reviews, as well as play store ratings, ensuring that your app receives favourable feedback and ratings from users. Finally, to kick-start your app’s journey towards success, AppMarketingPlus offers 1000 app installs, giving your app the initial momentum it needs to gain traction in the highly competitive app market.

Avail Special App Promotion Package Offer

The AppMarketingPlus Special App Marketing Package Offer at $1299 (50 % off) has the potential to revolutionize the app marketing landscape. With its wide range of services aimed at enhancing the visibility, credibility, and discoverability of your app, this offer provides a comprehensive solution for app developers looking to overcome the challenges of the highly competitive app market. By investing in this package, developers can have faith that they are taking a significant step towards achieving app success.

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