With the adoption of new technologies, in car infotainment systems have become much more sophisticated with several multimedia options being added to the dashboard. For users well versed with the various control options provided in the infotainment system, navigating through the various options wouldn’t be a big problem. But for users who are used to swiping their way through Android smart phones, working with in car infotainment dashboard controls becomes cumbersome.

Google has come out with an app called Android Auto which when connected with the infotainment system through the Android smart phone actually turns the infotainment system in to an Android smart phone or a tablet. In order for the Android Auto application to interface properly with the infotainment system, the in car system software should be capable of supporting Android applications.

Android Auto: Setting up the App

The user needs to install the Android Auto application in their Android smart phone by installing it from Google play store. Once installed, the software can be made to run on the infotainment system by connecting the Smartphone to the infotainment system through an USB cable.

Various Features supported

The application as such comes with an interface that different tabs supporting useful features in the form of Google Maps, smart phone , media and the car’s native infotainment system. Android Auto makes use of the Google’s voice recognition system for finding the most economical path in terms of mileage expended for reaching the required destination. Using the voice control system, users can also search for places like gas stations and restaurants and the results are immediately available on Google map.

Users can also make calls using the in car dashboard system as it is connected to the address book stored in the smart phone. One can also use their voices for composing the needed text to be messaged to the intended recipient. Using Google maps for finding the required route is made much easier as the map gets displayed in dashboard screen. One need not have their smart phone on their lap or hanging dangerously in some corner of the car.

Support for different audio apps

As most of the driver and passengers travelling in the car would like some music or a song playing in the background, Android Auto provides a diverse range of music options for users. Auto is compatible with popular music applications like the Google play music, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, Tune inRadio and Beyond Pod.

Night Mode feature

While driving during night time, the night mode feature available with Android Auto, converts the dashboard interface with a white background in to an interface with a black or a blue background. This makes it convenient for the drivers to interpret the data provided by infotainment system.

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