Google LogoGoogle has been altered with its logo a number of times previously, switching from textural style to a simpler one. Google’s new logo made its debut on September 1, 2015. It has now shifted from serif typeface to sans-serif typeface. Google’s new logo is tailor-made and has softer colors which resembles with the logo of its parent company.

It is now accessorized with animated orange, red, green, and blue dots. These dots undulate like equalizer wave-forms of mimic sound. Undoubtedly, it will react in different ways over time, with new mobile applications and devices that are yet to come.

What was the need for a new brand logo? Google didn’t introduced a new logo because people were bored of the old one. It’s because logos signify the brand’s community and what they are actually. In other words, it defines the “brand’s” approach towards the community and the aim of their services. The icon of a company or brand has instantaneous impact on our imagination and understanding. They don’t merely function just as “imprints”. So they need to be functional as well as thought provoking in every aspect. Keeping this in mind, Google comes up with new imprints of its logo from time to time.

True “branding” is all about creating a community—more specifically a culture outside and inside the organization. Google not only ensures its best looks, but also best actions whether it’s about their logo or about researching on their platform.

This is not the first time when Google has changed its look. Probably, it won’t be the last either. This recent update is a reflection of Google’s working criteria for its users across Search, Gmail, Maps, Chrome, etc. We think the simple, colorful, uncluttered, and friendly new icon of Google is a recast for Google of today as well as of future.

Enjoy Googling, while availing the benefits of this amazing search engine!