It is enumerated that each new blog post has massive chance to rank on Google Searches. But they are not that facile or simple. Regularly developing high-quality content can take hardship on anyone. There are few topics which need more extensive research, are harder to explain or conclude, and more time to produce. Thereby the possible reasons why your high-quality blog post may be getting unnoticed and develop easy solutions you can integrate as soon as possible.

Not Optimizing for Mobile Searches

It is said that not optimizing for mobile sites might primarily be a matter of hard-to-read font sizes, excess indents, and false text placement. It could also be due to insertion of particular keywords that are not generally used in mobile searches. Also not taking Voice Search into account might also slow down your mobile optimization sincere efforts.

Posting Repetitive or Duplicate Content

When Google’s algorithm finds two similar kind of content, then they decide which is more beneficial and disregards the other. So it exactly means that the second blog post has not primarily benefited your SEO efforts in any way. No matter how quality both posts are, anyhow one will have to win out over the other.

Overusing a Limited Set of Keywords

If suppose if you’re blogging to market a particular product or service, make sure that you diversify the keywords you are utilizing. There are number of different posts which are using the same exact keywords and anchor texts are all going to compete against each other. Moreover there are so many daily searchers who do not use the same familiar keywords each time.

Content is Outdated

Check your old posts and find what’s making them look dated. One must be using old statistical data, terminology that has fallen out of use, and less relevant instances than what’s on current events.

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