Angry birds was a mobile game that created revolution of mobile games. Not only other game development companies, even Rovio tried lot of spinoff & tie-ups with Hollywood movies for reusing the style or to be official games to match the original. Now only comes sequel of the original Angry Birds. Yes, you heard it right. Angry birds 2 will be launched tomorrow. The Angry birds collections has more than 3 billion downloads. Millions of fans are still playing the game and lot of new use buy smartphones just because of playing this game. A sequel after fifteen games.

Rovio is really proud of being mother of all smartphone games. Angry Birds has been praised for successfully combining addictive game-play, style, and very low price. Angry Birds popularity led it to the creation of multiple avatars for PCs & gaming consoles. It also had a market for merchandise featuring its characters. Angry Birds game’s characters have been used unofficially as an amusement park attraction. Window of the World, a theme park situated in Changsha, China opened an unlicensed attraction featuring Angry birds. Later Rovio offered license to the theme park, after seeing the demand it got.

Now the big question is “Will they match their quality in the Angry Birds 2?” We are gonna find out soon. Even though Rovio has not announced whether the game will be available on all platforms, But they promised to deliver in just two weeks on all platforms. So we could just see Android and iOS release initially.

Rovio hopes that Angry Birds 2, their new release and its merchandise helps to review its fortunes. Last year, the company had a round of layoffs. The layoff affected around 16 percent of its total workforce.

Currently you can grab more popular Angry Birds titles in Android for free. iPhone/iPad owners should spend just $1 in Rovio’s iOS sale.

There is a rumor that the Angry Birds, an animated movie will be launched in 2016.