Paintastic LogoHere is the scenario. You are traveling to your home town on a public transport. Suddenly your smart phone beeps. You friend has whatsapp-ed you regarding his promotion. What you do? You can call him. Or reply on WhatsApp with a beautiful message combined with some smiley. But nothing beats a personalized image, which your friend likes & keeps it forever. So you can retrieve a picture of both of you and scramble on that. But do you have a tool to do that? In your PC, you have a basic photo-editor in the way of Microsoft Paint. But in your smart phone? So here, we have an wonderful Android app named Paintastic. It is developed by Creativity Unlimited. Paintastic for Android is what Ms-Paint to windows.

Paintastic has a very easy to use interface. In the top you have Undo, Redo button along with menu icon. Please note that you can do 5 undo or redo. So for every change or two, you got see that it is satisfactory or undo that change. Being a smartphone app, it has its own memory limitations.

In the bottom you have the toolbox. Just scroll the toolbox to see how many features Paintastic have. Holding a tool will give additional setting for that tool. By default, paint brush tool is selected. The color which the tool is currently having is given as the color of the toolbox border. First tool is the color picker. It is used to select the color of brush, shape etc. Next is the background color selection tool. It is used to put or change the background color of the image you are working.

Third tool is the very important and most used tool of Paintastic. It is used to customize the brush, you are going to use. As said earlier, touch and hold the tool for a moment to get the additional setting of that tool. It give options to change the size, transparency, a list of predefined shapes, and effects. You should really try these custom shapes in a sample image to learn. One you master it, you can your acquired skill at anytime. Fourth tool is the paint brush tool (which is selected by default, as mentioned earlier).

Fifth tool is the shape selection tool. Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop users simply love this shape tool. It gives predefined shapes, which require much effort, if a human need to do manually. See how many predefined shapes, Paintastic got. The developers really put much effort on this app. Then come the sixth tool which is Text. No matter whether it is a PC app or Mobile app, without a Text tool, no painting app is complete. Of course, holding the tool, gives lot of customization options.

Next comes a simple erase tool. You know that it do. Hold tool to change the width of the eraser. Next one is Paint bucket tool. It is used to fill an area with a selected color. Then comes next important tool. It is used to select an area of image, then apply effects or move it. When we use this tool, an additional layer is created and all changes are applied on that layer. Paintastic becomes fantastic here. See how many features it got like no. of effects, transformations, crop, rotation, flip, copy, delete etc. You need to press the right tick button to apply the changes to the original image or press cancel (X) to simple cancel, if you are not satisfied. Next is a simple zoom tool.

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Next comes a tool named Scratch. You can toggle the mode, by touching & holding the tool for a moment. We really wondered, why we need an eraser tool separately, as we have this awesome scratch tool. If you have selected a shape in shape tool, you can remove that shape area from the image using this. At last there is color-picker tool.

The menu contains all the required options like open, save, share, set picture as profile photo to various apps on your smart phone. Then there is options to share this fantastic Paintastic app to user friends and family using social media options. Just like every paint apps, Paintastic too requires efforts to learn it.