Hamad and Sahar LogoThose who still love minimalistic, addictive game like Mario, rejoice. Space Crescent presents Hamad and Sahar, a game that has Arabian background. The Hamad and Sahar game created based on Arabian folk tales, is a easily playable game. The controls are very easy and objectives are easier to remember. So you go on full action mode, after the brief introduction in few slides. You can any one of the two playable characters Hamad or Sahar. One you choosing one, the other went missing. Your main objective is to find the missing kid.

So your adventure starts from word Go. Let say you have chosen Hamad to this game, then you objective is to find Sahar, who is missing. You are going to find her in six stages (about 30 total levels), and every stage has its own landscape. Believe you will never bored. The game-play stays mostly unchanged through these levels. You need to find the key to clear a level. The key is hidden inside a brick (tip: it is a shining brick), and there are number of bricks to break. So why break bricks, while only one contains the key? This is a game, what is a game without hurdles?

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The hurdles of Hamad and Sahar game is the wild cat, crows, dogs and bulling boy. You can jump onto the cat or hit the crow to defeat them, but to attack the dog or bulling boy, you need a sling shot. You can even attack cats and crows with this slingshot, that would be waste of the resource. Use it wisely, as the game does not display how many shots left. Yes, there are reinforcements (multiple slingshots hidden inside bricks). If you get hurt, you need refreshments. Else you lose the game. They to hidden inside the bricks. Be warned that some drinks are harmful, so that you should take what gives you boost.

Once you go in to another stage, the landscape differs. So is obstacles. But objective stays same. Find your sister. The graphics of this Hamad and Sahar game is minimalistic, thus renders fast in even low end devices. The recent update brought down the game size from 206MB to 166MB, so it is greatly optimized now. We found no lag or hang, while playing the game. You can now save the game progress, so that you can start playing from where you left. The Hamad and Sahar game is developed to appeal to children and adults alike.

Download from Google Play