AirTalk LogoOnce upon a time, there was a pretty useful device called “Walkie-Talkie”. It allowed short distance communications between two for almost free. Then internet took it place as it covers each and every corner of the earth. Still if you your internet connection, you may required to communicate with neighbors or anyone nearby in case of emergency. To fill that requirement, AirTalk is developed for iPhone is designed by the OFF Line Co., Ltd. The app is free to download from App Store and it’s compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. AirTalk comes with a clean & easy-to-use interface with no distractions like ads to get in the way.

It uses Wi-Fi & Bluetooth technologies available on your iPhone/iPad to communicate anyone within 100 meter radius. Imagine if you stuck in place, and your iPhone has no signal to call help. Just use this app to talk or even message people to help you. Handy, right? What about seeing new people, that too in short distance? Classic.

The App is created with the intention to use it as location based communication tool, but it could also be used to save lot of money in home, or at office. You can replace your intercom with one. The beauty is you can send reminders to your family or colleagues via messaging features available with app.

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The App also provider an integrated profile builder, so that you can have public profile which can be used for business to dating reasons. The feed/post section allows you to view any posts from nearby users using the AirTalk app.

An another wonderful feature offered by AirTalk is integration of the Twitter. Now even before I could tell you, you know that you can send messages to follower of you in Twitter. This means you can share the message with your followers & AirTalk users around you at the same time with no extra effort. The only negative point even the developer admitted is the power draining nature of the app, if used for a long time as it uses Bluetooth & GPS.

People who use Android devices should be noted that AirTalk is available only for iOS as of now, and AireTalk app in Google Play Store is a different app. It has nothing to do with this one.


Talk with neighbors, friends & family without data connection.
No Ads!!!
Wonderful way to reach people around you for various reasons.


Drains battery if used for a long time.

Download from App Store