space_barriers_iconPlaying games on your iPhone can play a significant role in your life. If you love playing games on your phone, your social and health lives will be boosted. However, according to the research carried out recently, phone games have some adverse effects as they can lead to depression, addiction, and aggression. IPhone offers a variety of game apps that you can find interesting. Space barriers are one of the best game apps that iPhone supports. Space barriers games can make you full of imagination. By playing the game, you will feel like you are the one in control of the ball.

Instructions on how to play Space barriers

  • Swipe your fingers anywhere on the screen by navigating the ball through the puzzle.
  • Aim the ball at the goal using your fingers.
  • As the momentum of the game increases, try to score as many goals as possible and avoid to lose.

Features of Space Barriers App

1. Instructions on how to play the iPhone game

Once you download and have installed the iPhone app, you will get an instruction icon. By clicking on the icon, you will be directed on how to play the game. The instructions are easy to understand.

  1. Have different levels

Do not worry if you have not played the game before. The iPhone game app has different levels that will suit your skills. If you are an amateur, you should go to an easier level. After reading the instructions on how to play the game, follow them well as you play the light level. After mastering the techniques of playing the game, you can move to the next stage and try playing on that stage. Continue step by step until you become an expert in playing the game.

  1. Designed with high-quality graphics

The game app graphics are of high quality. As a result, the game is more enjoyable as you will feel like playing it every now and again. Due to its graphics, the game proofs to be more realistic.

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Benefits of playing the game

By playing this iPhone game, you will have an enormous fun. Trying to solve each puzzle can be challenging and therefore, it keeps your mind engaged into the play, making it a fun game.

Both kids and adults can play the game through solving the puzzle. It helps a lot when it comes to training your brain, and hence keeping it mentally fit.

Disadvantages of the Game

Just like any other game, Space Barrier can be addictive and aggressive. You will find yourself spending a lot of your time to play the game. The game can make you not to think of any substantial thing to do. You can spend the whole day try to solve the puzzle. Too much of the game can lead to depression.


If you happen to own an iPhone, download the free iTunes app and install it. After the installation, search for Space Barrier game app, then buy and download it. Enjoy yourself playing using the app by playing this fantastic game.