voico_app_iconWhat about making international calls for absolutely free? This sounds amazing especially if an individual wants to contact and reconnects with family, friends and business partners abroad. Getting the best tool that facilitates such calls would always enable one to have a great experience, save on cost besides feeling completely satisfied. 

Social networking platform has received a major boost with the introduction of a high quality World’s number one Voico app, designed to enhance free international calls. With Voico, users can have an incredible opportunity to interact through video and phone calls all over the world, for instance, through Canada, Mexico and the United States among others.

Besides, other aspects relating to communication such as the use of text messages has been highly enhanced in this app. This gives the user ability to communicate with ease without incurring any cost at all. All that one requires is to get a Wi-Fi connectivity or possess some data to enhance connection.

Designed and developed by the Voico Inc. this version 1.3.0 of Voico app was last improved on 12th May, 2016 in order to incorporate new upgrades. In order to reach its wide user base, this amazing app is available in different languages; they include Korean, German, Japanese, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.

Compatible Devices for Voico

This high quality app has proven to efficiently perform its operations well on devices with great ability to deliver exceptional output. It has been designed to work well with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The best results will always be guaranteed! Meanwhile, the user will need to have iOS 7.0 or any latest form of operating system in order to boost consistency and efficiency of this app.

Why Use Voico App

While seeking to get connected to the international call from different agencies or platforms, there is probability that an individual request may remain unattended for long. In some cases, the phone may be dropped. This may be indeed disappointing. Voico has brought the ultimate solution by ensuring direct and seamless connection followed by free flow communication. 

Interestingly, this incredible app has also adopted the unique feature that enhances translation from one language to another once the language option is selected. What is the essence of this? This clearly means that the user can have a perfect interaction with another individual communicating using a foreign language.

Another notable thing about this app is its simple-to-use design which makes it user friendly to its user. Besides, it has integrated high quality and clear video and phone calls thus making the user to have an easy time while making any international call. This makes it simply the best app to use!

Here are amazing distinct features that make Voico to completely stand out. Take a look at them:

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Get a Virtual phone contact

This great feature gives the user a unique opportunity to create an international virtual phone contact that goes in line with a particular country. The benefit? This enables an individual to use such a number as if one is presently there. The interesting part is enjoyment of greatly reduced rates offered there.

Enjoy absolutely free voice and video calls

This is a fascinating feature that is worth trying once one has installed this app. Actually, there are no costs incurred at all when making such international calls. Besides, such calls can also be made to non-Voico users around Mexico, Canada and US without incurring costs. Surprisingly, the calls made are of exceedingly high quality with a clear and concise seamless flowing communication. Everything is clearly audible!

Activate Free Voicemail

Is the recipient not available? The user of Voico can comfortably leave a voicemail message to the intended recipient. The message can then be accessible later by the recipient.

Let instant translator enhance communication

In the case where a n individual is communicating to a foreign language speaker, Voico has come up with an option where efficient interaction can still be enhanced. The presence of the translator tool does this task efficiently, both for the text messages and the phone calls.

Recording feature present

This amazing feature installed within this great app allows the user to record different co conversations undertaken for future references. The quality of recording is satisfying!

Create Group Chats

What about joining other Voico user and setting up a platform or forum for chatting and exchanging ideas? This option is well provided to let one express thoughts, feelings, opinions and suggestions to the group.

Share different content

Apparently, with Voico the aspect of sharing is greatly enhanced; this starts from the video messages, voice recordings, photo messages and even text messages. In addition, users can end up sharing their geographic locations using location services incorporated in Voico.

Enjoy reduced international call costs

Once an individual has created the virtual number and linked it with the country that receives the call, the call rates is utterly reduced. This saves much on cost!

Conference calls allowed 

The distance barrier can now prevent individuals from holding a conference meeting via calls. Voico has facilitated this process by allowing a maximum of 5 individuals to converge through such calls.

Create a Contact Phonebook

Once an individual has acquired different international contacts, they can be merged together to form a phonebook that can always be referred to. 

Here are the Pros and Cons associated with Voico App


· Clear and high quality calls achieved

· Greatly designed themes and graphic effects

· Very affordable communication platform

· No hung ups or unclear calls anymore

· An interactive platform- the chatting and sharing


· Mild performance due to bugs

· Slightly hard to make settings


In summary, Voico app has indeed come out as an exceptional platform to enjoy free international calls. Its incomparable nature in relation to performance, quality, efficiency and reliability makes it simply the best. Download it at App Store now and start your free calls today!

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