sports_pro_iconHave you ever wanted to get in shape, but don’t know where to start? Are you unsure of which exercises will help you reach your goals? Then Sportsman PRO. Workout, an Android app that can help you get fit and achieve the body of your dreams, is perfect for you.

Sportsman PRO suggests workouts, tracks your progress, and can even calculate how many calories you’ve burned. This app helps make it easier to follow a workout routine, which helps people reach their physical goals quicker and more effectively. Sportsman PRO tells users which exercises they need to complete to get their desired results, allowing individuals to focus on their particular areas of interest. By tracking your progress, Sportsman PRO also shows how individuals improve over time, which can uplift and inspire people to maintain their workouts.

The minimalist style of Sportsman PRO helps individuals focus on the task at hand–exercising. This simple-to-use interface is sure to make exercise feel more like a pleasure, and less like a duty. One can easily track his or her progress with simple graphs, which clearly and effectively show how the individual has improved over time. Sportsman PRO even gives you the freedom to change your color scheme, which helps make it feel more personal and relevant to your individuality.

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Sportsman PRO is an Android app, and one can easily backup his or her data onto Google Drive. In addition to this, the app provides the option to sync data with Google Fit, allowing you to save your progress and access it from various locations. The total size of the app is just under 4 Mbs.
User Experience

Sportsman PRO has numerous positive reviews, and overall a very high rating. Individuals report being satisfied with the various workout options, the ability to sync with Google Fit, and the simplicity of the interface, making workouts generally more enjoyable.

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