robot_clash_run_iconIt is time to clash with the robots and drones that are attempting to take over the earth. As the name suggests, Robot Clash Run is an epic fantastic game that brings a great mission to the player who is expected to combat the intruders. As the player is involved in an endless run, there are a number of obstacles on the way that need to be avoided. Will one make it through to the finishing level? This will absolutely be determined by the total attentiveness, skills and quick response applied by the user. Generally, this amazing game from Abhishek Gupta has entailed all the features that make it worth playing for any ardent game player.

Understanding the functionality of Robot Clash Run game

Since its recent update on 27th July, 2016, this English-based game has exhibited stunning performance which has made it the absolute choice. Surprisingly, it is pretty simple to play, a fact that is mostly attributed to its simple touch controls that have been well integrated.

Being one of the fun-filled arcade games, its operation has been quite easy. The player needs to put into action different available techniques which may include switching lanes, flying, kicking and jumping while still running. The entire actions need to be done pretty fast before the opponents have launched their attack. It is also critical to check out for the obstacles that may be lying on paths so that they might not bring one down.

Suitable Compatible Devices to use for Robot Clash Run

Since Robot Clash Run app game was developed, the features that have been incorporated are of high quality. This is a clear indication that it can only work on devices that exhibit great performance in order for its operation to run smoothly. Thus, it works well with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Also, it needs iOS 8.0 and above in order to give the best output.

Check below for the features discovered in Robot Clash Run

Raid Drones and get their supplies

If one is ready to earn amazing points, this can be simply be obtained by raiding the drones. Drones contain deliveries of fries that can help the player to gain some points thus facilitating in completing the level in good pace. Some of the fries may appear to be floating. Use the jetpack to collect them with much ease. 

Special Powerful weapons to combat intruders

The attacks from the drones and robots may be ferocious at some point. Thus, it is crucial for one to ensure that the special powers are ready for use in order to fully defeat these intruders. For instance, the user can launch missiles or use different moves to attack opponents.

Collect snacks and earn scores

The Robot Clash Run app game has included typical yummy snacks that play significant role in helping the player to gather points. The major snacks include pizza, burger and fries. With their yummy appearance, the player needs to collect as many as possible in order double the chances of proceeding to the next level.

Fly with jetpack and attack the drone

Drones are known to mostly appear from the sky in this Robot Clash Run app game. With the aid of a jetpack, the player can fly with it and combat the drones. Meanwhile, the player can also get a chance to raid the drone of the fries that are mostly found in them as deliveries.

Go Robo

This unique feature simply implies that once the player has commenced the game, there is need to maintain a constant pace so that one can ultimately complete the level. Despite the presence of many objects on the path, the player can apply different means including flying in order to make it to the last point.

Game physics and animations

It is clearly evident that the game physics has been effectively applied in this app. Besides, the animations are well-displayed in terms of their formation. This is a clear indication on how the game has taken into account the top quality formation features.

Here are the Pros and Cons for the Robot Clash Run:


  • Amazing learning experience from action-packed mission
  • Fantastic colorful animations give attractive appearance
  • Performance is generally awesome
  • The functionality of the controls are quite flexible
  • Great options of playing and launching attacks


  • Color clashing due to overly use of colors
  • Hard to maintain constant speed

Final Verdict

Clearly speaking, Robot Clash Run is absolutely one of the best types of arcade games that the use can take a moment to play it. It portrays a high sense of quality in relation to its features, a fact that makes it incredibly amazing. This is a must recommend for an individual who is ready to embark into an endless run adventure. Download it today!

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