ar_magic_app_iconPhoto capturing of beautiful sceneries is one of the exciting activities that an individual enjoys to undertake. This is because it not only generates great and quality pictures but also brings out the perfect art of photography. Sometimes, the photos captured may require some bit of modification and editing in order to make them come out perfectly amazing. Besides, adding some photo effects in the photo makes it possess an outstanding appearance that brings out the great quality of such a photo. To make this entire process worth performing, Tools 4U developers have come up with the amazing ARmagic app that exhibit great performance in relation to providing stunning magical effects.


What is Entailed in ARmagic app

It is notable that this app has integrated great amazing qualities after its recent update on 9th June, 2016; this has made it to perform exceptionally well when it comes to formulating colorful photo effects. Besides, this great app incorporate different designs and types of photo effects that gives the user an opportunity to choose the one that best meets the taste and preferences. Presently, this amazing app has received a top-rating of 5 stars from its honest users, a factor that has been contributed by its continuous high performance, exceptional photo effects produced and great display portrayed. This clearly proves how worth it is to try out the ARmagic app and experience such unique magical sensation!

Compatible Devices For ARmagic app

Due to the high quality nature applied in formation of ARmagic app, it tends to operate on platforms that display high performance and great output. This is why it has been designed to work well and efficiently on Android devices (version 4.0.3 or any latest one). The user needs to also take into account the efficiency of the operating system to ensure smooth running of the app.

How ARmagic app works

Surprisingly, this great app works quite simple thus the user will absolutely find an easy time using it. While creating the magical effects on the photos, this app adopts the use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This enables it to generate high quality and classic magic effects that display a great sense of innovation behind this app. Additionally, the user can perform a series of fun-filled activities to test out different magical effects.

Distinct Features

Below are some of the amazing features portrayed by the ARMagic app

Summoning of storm and tornado

This is an interesting feature in the app that gives the user a chance to use the magical effects to control different storms and the swirling tornadoes. The user can impose such magical effects to their direction or summon them to any varying direction.

Develop plasma balls and generate energy

How about creating huge and fiery plasma balls with the aid of the magical effects? This is a totally interesting experience worth trying with ARmagic app. Due to the high quality formation of this app, such plasma balls tend to appear close to real ones with great dimensional size. Besides, this great app facilitates the user in generating energy using the magical powers in a very exciting way.

How about controlling lighting and fire?

This is quite a unique and captivating feature where the user can apply the powerful magical effects provided by the app to have complete control on the lightning forces and even the wrath of an emerging fire. Indeed, the magical effect tends to take hold of such lightning and fire forces with great power!

Share stunning magical pictures

Interestingly, this great app allows the user to have an exciting moment of sharing different photos with couple of friends. This can be aided through the chat session or the social sites platforms like Facebook.

What are some of the Pros and Cons of the ARmagic app? They include the following:


· Stunning and high quality display

· Quite engaging app with great performance

· Great experience in controlling unique things like lightning

· Gives user a chance to exercise different skills

· High quality definition of AR technology for the effects


· Performance slowdown with time

· Magical effect may overshadow the photo within

Final Verdict

ARmagic app is a true definition of a high quality app that has proven beyond doubts its exceedingly high performance, great quality and classic design. It goes ahead to ensure the user is completely fascinated and satisfied by the overall experience. This great app is worth downloading for free at the Google Play (size 24MB). Get it today and experience the magical photo effect!

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