Do you know immigrating to a new country is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can face? Yes! I mean it. When you are brought up at your native place and spend half of your life there and suddenly you move there in a new country for studying or working, it becomes very difficult. You might be happy in the beginning because you will have new dreams, a changing environment and you’ll like everything. But, as the days pass, you’ll really miss your country, your culture, festivals and most importantly your friends and family. You may use social media networks to connect with them, but you can’t meet them and you’ll gradually lose the contacts one by one due to less communication.

However, you can still get in touch with your culture and your people belonging to your community in the foreign. You can connect to the communities belonging to your country and solve your problems. Yes, you can achieve all these by using a simple tool known as Homeis.

Homeis is a new product which is designed to be fitted to the immigrant experience and the challenges they face while adapting to a new country. The main objective of the app is to connect immigrants together around critical tasks, including finding local services, learning about their new society, their culture, creating groups with like-minded people.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to Login and fill some important details. The app has been developed by Homeis Inc. It requires iOS 9.0 or any later versions of the OS on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Homeis is just created for the foreign-born individuals and to bring people together. You can connect people from your community and find them from your homeland, living around you in your new city.

Moreover, you will get the help of professionals, from visa and green cards to health insurance, or even credit score and finance.

There are more amazing features of the app which you can see when you use it. You can also read the guide and learn how to make your life much better. When you are new to a country, you don’t know about the famous destinations if you need anything. But, Homeis makes your life simpler by recommending food locations, schools, shopping centres near your area, etc. You will also get an opportunity to join the community events and introduce yourself and never miss an event in the future. Once you connect with people, you can create groups of like-minded people over shared passions and hobbies and stay in touch with them.

Overall, I would like to say that immigrant communities are becoming bigger and wider, but all of them are not easy to explore. So Homeis helps you to reduce the gap by bringing it all to one place. Hurry up and join the community today if you or anyone else is in need. The app is absolutely free and there are no premium subscriptions required to access all the features. Give it a try now!

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