We’ve all experienced the struggle of providing detailed directions to a location, especially when it comes to unfamiliar places. But with nFaktor Solutions’ MyLoc app, that struggle is now a thing of the past. The MyLoc app helps you create an accurate and unique location pin for any address with a customized name of your choice.

Key Features of MyLoc – Name your Location

MyLoc pin is user-friendly, can be accessed through any device, and shared verbally or through text messages. The digital addresses created are easy to remember, offer faster navigation, and are free to use. After signing up, you get 5 MyLoc pins for free.

Customized: MyLoc pin can be customized with a name along with directions, and location photo.

Easy to Remember: As your MyLoc pin is customized as per your choice, it is always easy to remember.

Simple to Share: You can share it verbally or through text even without using the internet.

Convenient: Forget the hassles of sharing your street, block, etc. A single link (MyLoc Pin) is all it takes to share your address with MyLoc.

Ownership: Once the MyLoc pin is created, you can own it and share it with any number of visitors.

Change it anytime: When your location’s physical address is changed, just change the address in MyLoc pin retaining the customized pin name.

It saves Time and Effort:  This app of MyLoc pin will be extremely handy as it could be shared instantly.

Easy Navigation: Your visitors would find it hassle free to follow MyLoc pin and they would reach the given location.

Free to create: Your 5 MyLoc pins are free to create and use.

Benefits of MyLoc App

  • MyLoc app allows you to create 5 location pins free of cost.
  • You don’t have to sign in each time you create a MyLoc location pin.
  • Easy to guide deliveries to your location.

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Final Words

MyLoc – Name your Location simplifies the routine task of sharing locations. It’s easy to create and share and it can make a huge difference in your life. Create your MyLoc pin today and experience the difference!