Search engine optimization changed the ways firms boost their sites visibility online. Now, another search engine optimization tool is attaining popularity among app developers.

High creativity 

Having a big idea is the first thing in this lengthy and complex process. If you would like to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, you must think about optimization, marketing and advertising. In the modern days, there are a lot of apps you get from the store. The chances of having your app ranking above others are very low. However, you do not have to panic because there are several ways on how you can improve the ranking of your product to the top in the highly competitive market. You can attract a lot of consumers by ensuring that your keywords, ranking and product name are highly optimized. By doing this, you encourage your consumers to download especially if the description and screenshots are attracting to their eyes.

Creativity is key, but you should not expect to sell a lot of copies within a short time. You have to engage in a serious marketing of your app and optimize its visibility. This should not be a major issue, so no point to worry.

Ranking is all what is needed

Regardless of what you have heard online, the iPhone brings a lot of income to app developers. In the modern days, the App store is still the major source for consumers to discover newly developed applications. However, it is good to note that the App Store is structured in a way that only a few apps get to the top spot. It is important to try and get at the top of others as fast as possible.

If you have knowledge in SEO, you must be aware that proper use of keywords is one way to gain the visibility required and improve your ranking. Selecting the appropriate keywords and use of a proper name increases your chances of having a competitive edge when visitors spell your name when visiting the App store. This is a great way to turn them into real buyers or users.

When visitors start to check your app, this is first step towards attainment of your goal. The next thing from here is to convert them into users. To ensure that you do this effectively and fast, ensure that your description is highly optimized and that your app is compatible with visuals and devices. With appealing screenshots and exciting descriptions, you can be assured of getting high conversion rates.

ASO provide app creators with the opportunity to check all the elements and attain the top spot by using user friendly and convenient tools. Starting this business without the right skills and knowledge can be a bit tricky; therefore it is important that you follow the advice of highly experienced firms that have been in the business for many years.

Your users must get the best

If you want to succeed, you must ensure that your users are highly satisfied. There is nothing bad like having negative reviews on your page. Monitoring your reputation per market, version and country provides you with an opportunity to answer to your clients fast and enhance the value of your app. Your users will also provide you with some tips to make improvement of your features and know a few bugs. There are specific ASO tools that offer you the opportunity to understand your target audience well and keep an eye on your competitors. One thing you have to keep in mind is that App store optimization does not happen overnight. This is why you have to be checking your app status and that of your competitors on a regular basis.

Get rid of the black hat

Apple has stringent rules and regulations to competition when it comes to App store optimization. Apple has been fighting black hat since 2012. So, it is very risky to try to use fake reviews, use bots, or other bad ways in order to gain top rankings. Using such tactics may get you banned from the store which will be detrimental to your business.

How to understand the risk factors

You need to note that only the apps that get high amount of downloads within a short duration rank high on the App store. However, there are exceptions, but such occurs to large studios. Therefore, you need to try and get on top within a few days, in order to gain new users. Around 75 percent of users download apps just by finding them on top of the App store, even if they have never heard about them.