Picking the Right Keyword for an App’s Success

Every new app that is launched these days has one thing in common and that is App Store Optimization. The trick is to ASO is getting the basics right which will increase the chances for an app to stand out in the densely populated app market.

It’s all about choosing the right keyword which is a Herculean task in itself. However, one should avoid robotic description of the apps as well. Also, simply implementing keywords does not better the chances for the app to be found in the app market, it requires time on the parts of search engines to actually update themselves to include all the new apps.

Deciding Factors for Choosing Keywords:

  1. Rely on Self-Search: It’s better to conduct own searches and for self the words that relate to an app in the app store. Take a close look on the apps that are the outcome of the search. Take note of the times the typed words appear in the name, description or images of the app. A new app’s positioning is also affected by the number of installs and uninstalls of similar apps.
  2. App Store Research: It involves surveying the app store and looking for the most suitable for an app; paying special attention the apps on the first pages of each category. The first page apps are those who have managed to get to the top without people’s searches for them. Take a closer look on each these apps at a time and also at their highlighted keywords, their consistency and description. View the number of installs for each along with developer’s package of apps. Since leading app makers generally conduct their business with a minimum of seven apps.
  3. Online Keywords Tools: Using online keyword tools simplifies for finding the most searched keywords. This does not only bring up the popular words but also their competitive data. A keyword having high competition will be less suitable for a prospective keyword than a keyword having less competition as it will increase the chances for being at the top of search lists. Top websites for ASO are: AppAnnie.com and Appcodes.com.

Understanding the Audience

Keywords should be selected based on the target audience. Age, gender, social status, language and location should always be the ultimate consideration in finalizing the keywords for an app.

Following the above simple steps will lead to an app’s whooping success.