With the company’s business eternal goal of educating and informing, we’ve compiled a fairly comprehensive list of quality tactics you can use to boost your site rankings with a perfect SEO Checklist for 2022.

Improve Your Online Presence

It is said that mixed messages do not work well in search engines. If your company has recently relocated, ensure that you have updated your address in all directories (Yelp, Apple Maps, Bing, etc.). And consistency is essential: Use the same address format, for instance, Street vs St. everywhere. Numerous paid services such as Moz Local will automate this process for you.

Make Use of Google Business Profile

This is a free listing that all businesses should be familiar with. It was previously known as Google My Business. Google places a high value on a complete profile, filling it with accurate information, images, regular post updates, and as many reviews as possible.

Examine Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

These items are still crucial to search engines, but site owners frequently overlook them. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but it’s well worth it. We’ve been able to rank sites by doing nothing more than updating this information.

Examine Your Content

When it comes to content, you must pay attention to the amount of text on target pages and make sure you have enough. While there is much ongoing debate about how many words should be on each page, there is a basic simple trick to help you figure out how many you need. Visit the top results for the phrase you want to rank for. Make a note of how many words are on those pages; that is the minimum you should aim for. In general, it will be 400 or higher.

Acquire Those Backlinks

Backlinks are difficult to obtain, and it is a strategy that takes time (months, sometimes years). However, the payoff can be enormous. So, how do you acquire backlinks? Here are a few examples:

  • Create high-quality content that users will appreciate and share
  • Find outlets that will publish your work and guest post wherever you can.
  • Establish a YouTube channel and post short videos regularly.
  • Reach each industry website and inquire about becoming a directory listing or an advisory resource.

Remove Underperforming Pages

A brief look at Google Analytics will reveal which pages on your site receive very few visitors and have high bounce rates. So it is better to take them out.