People ask about the best mobile app promotion strategies for launch time and what promotion strategies can you engage in during your launch period? There are some strategies you can try below tips.

Good to Plan for a Viral Launch Campaign

Generally you can’t expect if something will go viral. But that’s all on how your global audience reacts. You can do as a marketer and plan for it.

Best to Initiate Contests or Giveaways

The contests are quality way to generate attention and creating buzz around your product. You can also run a few giveaways on your social media channels while professionally launching your app with prizes that actively appeal to your target user personas.

There are several tools and blog widgets you can adeptly integrate into your website that can assist to track how many people have shared your app launch announcement. You can also request users to use a special hashtag when they generally post images or social posts.

Good to Ask for Feedback Everywhere

You have another way to promote your app or even just the key idea of your app is to ask people for apt feedback. You have many channels where you can use to request people’s comments, the simplest being the web properties you own namely like your blog, your email list, and your social media outposts.

Develop Classic Swag: Flyers, Stickers, T-shirts

You have many kinds of flyers that may work for your app. Right from discount flyers that you can display in physical stores, also to direct mail flyers that could actually lead recipients to your mobile app landing page. There is also reason why musicians and street wear organization use stickers to spread awareness of their brand.

Go for SMS Short Code

Similarly to old tactic, you can use an SMS short code in tandem with your more traditional marketing channels respectively as TV, print, radio, and even billboards. It is noted that SMS still has its great appeal, and attracting people to select in to SMS marketing via a short code which could be splendid if actively paired with a good discount or a promo code.

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