Are you a businessman or an entrepreneur? What do you need if you start or begin anything new? Of course you need “Ideas” because an idea can change your life! Everyone has a lot of ideas in their mind. Some ideas are average, some are good and some are the best and we need the best! Isn’t it? But, the question is how? We can’t ask individually to the employees of our company or business and get their suggestions. It will waste a lot of time as well as effort. However, one thing we can do is gather ideas from the business clients, workers and subordinates.

With Ideanote it is possible to collect innovative ideas from all over the world. It’s an innovation-led growth platform where you can get unlimited ideas from an unlimited number of people. It’s a simple and easy to use innovation platform for gathering, sorting, and choosing the best ideas inside your company.

Ideanote is an intelligent software which comes with a smooth interface. It makes your professional life easier by getting ideas from your teams and brings the customers together. If you want to grow with your organization and get success, it’s the best platform  for innovation and overcoming new business challenges. It comes with an excellent user interface and has a very well crafted design.

Ideanote is a one-stop solution for brainstorming and ideation. It makes it easy to collect, develop and work on the best ideas which leads to business growth, engage employees and make your customers happy.

Whether it’s a startup, a small or big enterprise, service, product or business, ideas matter a lot for them. It saves a lot of time and does the work in days instead of months.

There is a free plan and a trial also available for the users. It has a 5 star rating and is loved by all the users, clients and their company. The app is of great use for the people who are involved in the business process and it works across several countries. The main benefit of this app is that all the ideas are collected in one place and you can select the best ones. It has a very good process that involves a flowchart to get the ideas. It encourages the team members as they contribute their thoughts and are appreciated by the company.

Ideanote is available for all the Android as well as iOS devices. It runs on the web browser too, and is available for free. You can get the paid plans for different requirements like starter, pro, business, enterprise, etc. There are no credit card fees and no hidden charges required for using this app. You can give customer feedback and suggestions and give suggestions as well. Moreover, you can send email and chat with the support team to solve all your queries.

So create an innovation culture today in your organization. Try using Ideanote!

Pros: intelligent software for gathering ideas; easy to use; saves time and efforts; innovation-led growth platform; free as well as paid plans.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Try Ideanote Today