Nowadays, there are more and more “freemium” mobile applications that are offering free versions of the same product due to the rise of the “freemium” business model. However, despite the fact that they are free, these applications still take up a great amount of space on the home screen of the user’s mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. This begs the following question to be asked: how exactly do you go about showing the overall value of your application to a mobile device user? Well, the answer to this question is rather simple: App Store Optimization, which is also commonly referred to as ASO.

Consider utilizing the following tips into your ASO mix as a way to obtain a decent amount of downloads of your application.


Many mobile device users like to look through screenshots of various applications as a way to help them make an informed decision regarding whether or not they should download it. This is something that you should definitely utilize as well. Make sure that you use screenshots to show only the most important features of your application and make them as highly visual as possible. In addition, you will also want to utilize captions that are as descriptive as possible to explain why these specific features are so important and how they can benefit anyone who uses the application.


No matter what kind of an application you use, chances are you have always been met with a pop-up that asks you to rate the application whether you are enjoying it or not. That is what makes this step especially important, namely because even though someone may be an active user, there is still a chance that they may not have used your application in quite some time, which could cause them to feel unfamiliar with it. This is especially the case if you have implemented a decent amount of updates to the application itself. In addition, even though someone may use your application frequently, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to rate it.

This is where it becomes essential for you to determine exactly who you want to be the ones to rate your application. Generally, your target audience should be those who are actively using it on a regular basis. In addition, you will also want to allow those who may not be having great experiences with your application an outlet to express their frustrations.


When you begin thinking about how to compose both the title and description of your application, it’s extremely important to keep in mind what specific words you wish to include and which ones you wish to avoid. Typically, the first 25 characters are the ones that will tug at the attention of potential users, so be as attention-grabbing as possible with your choice of words.


These are only a select few of the useful tips to keep in mind in terms of App Store Optimization, or ASO. Similar to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, ASO is essentially an ongoing fight to always remain ahead of all of the competition. However, when you obtain all of the right tools, your success will become imminent and will allow you to stand out more than anyone else.