For just any developer, promoting an app is the toughest part of the whole job. Designing the apps is a different thing and promoting it to make it a big success takes time and effort as well. In order to promote an app now you can have many ways, but there is always a need to know the best method to do so. There are many ways to do so and these are listed in this article as well. In order to promote android app, you have to find out the best ways first.

Firs you need to create a website:

This may appear as the most common thing. But there is always a necessity for you to create a website through which you can promote the app. This offers people a right kind of landing page where they can find more details related to your app. You can also do several things with the website in order to make it more user friendly like assigning a play store description for it. Always add a description for your app. You can also add videos and the buttons for the play store or app store.

Initiate a blog or Tumblr:

There are many developers who have Tumblr announced for their apps. This has turned out to be a great method to keep the potential users informed about the app and about the changes that you can come up further. Here you can also add the updates as well as acquisitions related to the app. When you are using Tumblr, there is no need to stay worried about the hosting like aspects. Tumblr will allow you for using own domain and this is always preferred.

Get the paid app reviews:

When you want to promote android app, you should get the paid app reviews. This can be the best method to get the name of the app popular out there. It may be hard to find out the advertising for android apps. But at the Android Headlines you can easily find it.

Go for the press:

In order to get the paid app reviews, you should think about opting for a lot of press releases. The press coverage can really help you to make your app popular in quick time. If you are planning for a big update for your app, then announce press releases for several android sites. You can also ask the press sites about whether or not they will like to have some copies prior to the update.

Go for genuine press:

This point is related to the last advice but making sure that you have opted for a genuine press can deliver great outcome. An app that is only seen on the android sites, cannot receive much attention for the sites that cover CNET as well as Tech Crunch like technology.

Prepare a teaser website:

If you plan to announce a fresh app for the market, then you should invest some time in preparing a teaser website. This website should be shared across the social media profiles that you have. This will help in developing the hype for the next app you are about to announce. This is important when you are looking forward to word-of-mouth promotion.


These days, using Facebook like social media platform has become really very important no matter which field you belong to. As this is the biggest social media platform right now, you will surely like to get the fan page in this site for your app. At this social media site, you can post the updates related to the app easily. You can also get some feedbacks from the users and this is an important thing.

Making the best use of Facebook Ads:

Spending for the Facebook Ads that can promote your app can come with great outcome. As Facebook is popular for having the most users, you will have the right chance to get more responses for your app.

Add an overview video:

This type of video should be small, yet it needs to be loaded with such video content that can explain more details about your app in less time. You can also assign screenshots of Play Store. The fact is that not all the developers are doing it, as they are not offering enough importance to this aspect. You can announce such video for the users to let them determine whether or not your app suits their interest.

Six Seconds – Videos in Vine!

When you are trying to promote the app through social media platforms, you should create a six second video that can show your users the functionality of the app. Vine videos can really deliver long term outcome. These videos can also be embedded with your website.


There are a few reasons why Pinterest is considered as Soccer Moms. There are still some users who are ready to use the app you have designed. There are many people you can find over here who may show a great interest to download your app. Here, you can pin the links for your website and for the Google Play Listing. You can also pin links for the videos you have announced.

Collection of emails:

Well, this can be considered as the sword that is having edges at both the sides. It’s always better to collect the emails from email list and mail them about your app. But ensure that you only send emails to the users whom you know or they know you.


Short posts are what drawing most attention from the app developers to use the Twitter’s platform. It allows you to communicate with the users easily and here you can also post links related to the updates for your app. In Twitter, you can also tease the upcoming features as well.

Resolving negative reviews:

When you are using Google Play, you are allowed to respond to the reviews instantly. In this way, you can even communicate with the users easily who left the reviews for your app. You can also fix the review if there is a need to do so. This is always important because more of the users will have a look at these reviews before they download the app.

Giveaways and contests:

Announce a contest for the new app. If you have the premium version for the app then giveaway some premium licenses! Get the ways through which you can share the app with the users and they can share the same with others. This will help in building up the popularity for your app.

Take advantage of the Google+ Communities:

For the app, create a Google+ community. There are a few good reasons behind it. First of all, this will allow you to get access for some users so that you can perform beta testing. This is also the place where users love to ask about the app and they can also come up with suggestions about fixing the app. They can also mention about the elements that they want to see further with the app.

Optimizing it for the Play Store Listing:

This is always important for you to optimize the Play Store listing. For the description part, you need to put in all the details of the app. You should use the keywords as well. Get the quotes from different news sites as well.

The email signature:

For the email signature, you should add a one liner about the app that is really catchy and attention grabbing one. You can also add link for the app over there so that users can contact through the link as well as can check the app.

Integration of social media platforms for the app:

Integration of these social media platforms is always important when you have an app that you want to make a big success. In this way, you can help the users to share the data from that app into the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.


At this social media site, you can find many people sharing their things online. Due to this reason, you will also have a greater chance to reach for many people. When you are posting something in Instagram, make sure that you are using the short URLs in the description part. You also need to add image with good resolution that can showcase your app with a different approach.


This platform is bit tricky, yet sharing the screenshots and pictures of your app here can produce great outcome. You can also use the Discover feature of Snapchat but for that you need to pay them.

Google+ pages:

Like the Google+ communities, the Google+ Pages can also deliver great outcome. Having such a page can help the users to follow the updates, and teasers announced by you for the app. This is also a great method to build the audience that you are looking for. Include the Google Sign in for it as well.

Facebook Groups:

In order to find more users for the app, you can even create Facebook Group. This will help you to reach for the targeted users easily and quickly.


Join different app forums. Post the app at these places and allow the users to know about it. Always join such app forums that use to receive more traffic and that will draw more attention towards your app.

Sharing on the social media:

Once you are posting about an update for the app, don’t forget to share it on the social media platforms you are using. This can be done for both the app’s account and your personal account on the social media sites. In this way, you can let the users know what is going on with the app.

Advertising on Twitter:

Twitter promotions can really help you to draw more attention towards the app. It may not be a free option but there is always a chance for your app to get noticed by many easily.

Advertising on Google Play:

Google Play has recently started it. Here, you can promote android app on the basis of few targeted keywords. If you have announced a new app, then it can be the best way for you to make app noticed and can increase the chance for downloads.

Contact the podcasts as a guest:

To promote android app, now you can take help of podcast. This is the best way to talk more about your android app. In this way, you can reach for more users easily. You can generate interest among them and this can be done before you release your app for the market.

Amazon App Store:

This is the next best way to promote android app. adding it for the Amazon App Store can help the users with Kindle’s Fire to download it easily. People with other devices can even download the same from Amazon App Store.

App Sales:

This is really important. While having a premium version for the app, and announcing it on app sales with a reasonable price range can boost the traffic for your app.

Final Thoughts:

Here, you have come across several tips that can possibly help you to market the app in a more efficient manner. All you need to bookmark this web page as well as come back again to market and promote your app. You can also contact us for the paid app reviews.