The fraction calculator app is a popular free tool that helps in displaying the arithmetic operation for the function that you have entered. It’s the best tool through which you can do the calculations faster and show the arithmetic operations within a couple of seconds.

What is the Fraction Calculator App?

The fraction calculator is an app that allows the user to add, subtract, multiply, and divide two or more than two fractions within a few seconds. In general, this fraction calculating app for android can do the following operations:

  • Add the fraction with the similar and non-similar denominators.
  • Subtract the fractions with the non-similar and similar denominators.
  • Multiply the numerator & denominator together for reducing the fractions to the lowest terms.
  • The fraction calculator also assists you in dividing the fractions to reduce the resultant value to the lowest.

So, by using this amazing fraction calculating app you can get the step-by-step calculation within a couple of seconds along with the resultant value for the fractions.

What is a fraction?

In mathematics, the fraction is usually used to represent a specific part or portions of a whole thing.  It represents the equation sections of a whole. the fraction is divided into two parts: the first part is the numerator and the second is the denominator. The number on the top is said to be the numerator and the number, which is at the bottom, is called the denominator.

The numerator expresses the number of equal parts of something. While the denominator defines the total number of the equal parts in a whole. This seems difficult to understand and calculate also. Consider using the fraction calculator by that adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides 2 to 3 fractions.

What is a Proper, Improper, and Mixed Fraction?

After understanding the fractions, let’s have a look at their types. In general, fractions are divided into three types, which are:

Proper Fractions:

In the proper fractions, the number on the top of the fraction is smaller than the bottom number. It means this number is always smaller as compared to the whole thing.

Improper Fraction:

A fraction is said to be the improper fraction whose numerator is equal, larger than, equal or higher degree as compared to the denominator.

Mixed Fraction:

Mixed fractions are also called the mixed number or numerals, which is another way of presenting improper fractions.

Sometimes calculations for these types are difficult to do so, you can try the fraction addition calculator for the calculations. The fraction calculator app not only helps to calculate fractions but also shows the stepwise procedure of the calculations.

How to Multiply Fractions:

The multiplication of the fraction is similar to the addition and subtraction of the fraction. Where the denominator of the fraction will be the same. So, any two fractions with different denominators can be easily multiplied. Remember that the fractions can’t be in the mixed form. They should be in the form of proper or improper fractions. Now, keep in mind the below-listed steps when you are multiplying the fractions.

  • The first step involved the multiplication of the numerators.
  • Now, multiply the denominators.
  • After multiplying the numerators and denominators, reduce the resultant fractions to the lowest possible terms.

If you don’t want to spend some time on the manual calculations then, you can use the fraction calculator for the fraction calculation to save your time.


In this article, we have discussed the need to use the fraction calculator app for android. We also mention different types along with the guidelines for solving the fractions manually.