First we need to accept that the main difference between a successful mobile app and one that fails in the market due to poor user experience (UX). Without understanding of your target users’ in-app behaviour patterns you won’t be able to build a mobile product to satisfy user’s expectations and eventually increase App downloads. So there must be look out for the need of Enhancement in your App downloads.

Go for Error-Free Functionality

The functionality of the app must assist the user complete the tasks they require to accomplish their goal, which is the motivation for downloading the app to start with. Also remember to offer relevant mobile-only functionalities that will certainly encourage more users to download your app rather than reverting to a website.

Effective on boarding

If the user is having problem within the first few screens, they’ll likely drop off without hesitation. So delivering an excellent on boarding experience is the basic foundation for attracting and retaining users. This will definitely have good effect of app downloads. Also keep in mind to reduce the number of steps required for account creation/signup, and comprise multiple registration options example sign in with Facebook or Google.

Quality Usability

Usability ameliorates the layout of information, design, content, and other elements that actively enable users to accomplish their goals within the app. Also assist your users by telling them which icons can be selected, tapped, or swiped.

Apply measures to reduce Search Effort

You can assist your users find what they require quickly to satisfy their needs and drive conversion rate. You can also integrate several strategies into your app respectively as barcode scanning and keyword search.

Guarantee Security

It is important to offer transparent permission policies and permit your users to control how their personal details are shared within a mobile app.

Provide Assistance

Provide your users assistance within the app by offering several support options( mobile app marketing agency ). It is noted that users will often search for assistance in the toolbar or tab bar of an app. You can also try multiple ways for users to receive support, comprising self-serve FAQs and live support through click-to-call buttons, or live chats.