Nowadays, children are mostly engaged in their mobile phones rather than giving time to study. They tell their parents that they are doing some work, but they are wasting their time on playing games online. Even the adults and parents also play games every time they get free. Well, if the game is meant to be good for children and enable them to think more and sharpen their skills than it is okay with the parents otherwise not. So without worrying about anything and money as well, IAOE is an app based on some strategies and is totally free to download.

IAOE app has been developed by the MDeep app which is a great organization based in Italy and the app is compatible with all the Android phones having the latest version of the OS. IAOE offers many dangerous obstacles, monsters and paths through which you have to go and finally win the game. Your main objective is to jump and fly through the spiky obstacles and beat the high scores.

IAOE is based on a unique concept where you jump and fly in a colorful world. It’s a color-based platform action game. There are so many cross-designed levels to play in this IAOE super magical hero geometry blocks world! You will jump and fly your way through danger and avoid the obstacles and proceed further and run as fast as you can. While going, you will see neon lands, and find the secrets hidden within the world.

There is a practice session also provided to enhance your skills. As it’s a rhythm based action platformer, so you will enjoy different soundtracks with your achievements. There are icons and colors to shape your character also. You can customize the background color of the game if you want to! The app offers an easy-to-use interface and colorful graphics.

You might have played so many games like this in your childhood, but it’s a combination of those games to help you recall that time and enjoy this adventure game. The game controls are very easy to handle, but you need to build a number of strategies and take every step very calmly and by thinking twice. Remember, only one monster can ruin your colorful world.

IAOE is a game that is best suited for both young as well as old ones to enjoy it completely. It’s an out-of-the-box game that will keep you entertained for hours. This latest version of the app has fixed some bugs and updated many things to help you pass the mission quickly and easily.

So take the chance to help the Geometry Master to achieve their goal and fly through dark caves and spiky obstacles.

Try it now and win like a pro! 

Pros: arcade lite blocks game; rhythm-based action-platformer; based on adventure and action; easy to control; challenging; dangerous obstacles; earn coins; challenge friends; can be played by anyone; free to use.

Cons: contains ads.

Worth Having app – Download the App