It happens many times that we take care of our kid’s mental health and it is necessary too. Feelu is a mobile app that provides the platform that help out toddlers to acknowledge their feelings. This is an alternative of any kind of therapy related to mental health. Following are the features of Feelu app.

The app is mainly built with the aim of providing a platform that helps in the mental health of the child. For kid’s it is important that they learn how to deal with any negative feeling. Moreover, it also teaches how to be kind to animals and others.

Features of Feelu:

  • Colorful graphics and features
  • Images that are reflecting on kids interest
  • Game to hike the interest of kids.
  • Different steps that reflecting to handle bullying
  • Heartbroken solution
  • Guidance for handling negative effect
  • Cool music that suits the taste of children’s

Working of the app:

The app is working on simple criteria. There is no signup or any other formalities.  When you will download and install the app, you will six different sections as below.

Feelings: This section is for exploring different feelings. For each feeling, there is a description and example. This also teaches that on difficult feeling how to deal with that.

My feelings: Through this section, a child can express his or her feeling and also could save it.  This teaches that one should be grateful for small things. The overall happiness could be easily improved using this strategy.

Game:This is not a game with right or wrong option. This is just for fun. The other thing is that a kid can choose any option regardless of right and wrong.

Kindness: To encourage kindness towards an animal & human being, this section is useful. It teaches a child the basic compassion for all animals and human beings.

Be mindful: It is a short meditation that helps a child to relax their body and mind. This could be used before bedtime. It could be used on a daily basis.

Handle Bullying: Suggest steps to the child related to the handling of bullying. On repeating these steps with child, he or she get encouraged to properly deal with bullying.

The working of the application has been kept simple so as to make it kids friendly.

Reason for selecting Feelu app:

It’s easy to use. The other thing is that it is safe for children’s too. With an easy approach, one could easily improve the mental health of a child. It is simple to use with many benefits. It helps your child to live happier in his or her life.


The app is available at iOS for App Store. It requires iOS 12.1 or later and it is compatible with iPad, iPhone & iPod touch.

Last word:

Feelu is a classic application that helps out to children’s. Moreover, it is a useful app for kids and children’s. At last, I would like to say that download it and avail the advantage. 

Summary: Feelu is a mobile app that provides the way to kids in living out a happy life.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Features: 5
  • Accessibility: 4.5
  • Graphics: 4.5

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