Do you own an iPhone? How many contacts do you have in them? Quite a tough question to answer isn’t it? Even if you know all the contacts you have, it must definitely be a tough task to manage them all. How about you have a tool to manage everything without any hassles? Yes, the app iContacts+ published by Jeonghwan Kim, makes this task a breeze.

iContacts+ is all about management of contacts in a group. It not only does the basic function of contact group management but does many other things like group messaging & email, organizing and deleting bulk contacts; search & speed dial, backing up contacts, quick favourites, etc.

The most notable features of iContacts+ are as follows: real time synchronization, multiple selection methods, advanced contact search function, contact group management, smart search dial, organising and backing up contacts, contact favourites, group messaging & email, etc., Let take a look into each of them.

The app uses only the system’s data and so it is easy to sync all the contacts in real-time. It allows for multiple selection and so all tasks can be processed quickly. It has advanced search options, where you can just specify the name or something different like just the initials to extract the number. The contact group management in iContacts+ is more versatile with several features. Here, you can create a group and organise contacts in them. You can move the contacts from one group to another. You can organise multiple contacts under multiple groups and so on. The app also supports iCloud and CardDAV.

Using iContacts+ you can search a contact with much ease, set up speed dial and do a lot more. It allows you to organise bulk contacts and back them up in email. It facilitates group messaging and email and also allows for easy call and messaging to frequently used contacts.

If you are using an iPhone, you probably know how difficult it is to manage group contacts. This particular app makes it a breeze and I like the option to backup contacts and group contacts through email. The contact tool of the app is very secure as it lets you use only the system’s data to handle all the contact data in order to keep them secure.

The app belongs to the ‘Utilities’ category and is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. iContacts+ comes for a price of $1.99 and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions. Download iContacts+ today and move people around into groups with much ease.

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