The fight against raping women in India made headlines again two months ago, after a woman was allegedly raped by an “Uber” driver. A few days ago, Uber announced a new “Uber SOS Button” to protect women against potential rapists.

Uber is a common phone app, allowing people to get transport from place to place easily and more cheaply than a regular taxi. The app is very popular in the USA and in many countries across the globe, including India. Two months ago an Indian woman using the app to get a ride was allegedly raped by the driver, igniting a wave of local protests against Uber and against rape.

Now, two months later, Uber announced the newest update to the app will have an SOS button that will, after a quick prompt, call local authorities and alert them to the location of the emergency. The update will also allow the progression of the trip to be sent to five trusted people the user will choose, so they can follow it in real-time and call help. The service will have no SMS charge.

The problem of rape is still very relevant not just in India, but also in every other country. This new update is available, no charge of course, for android and soon for apple iOS as well. Keep yourselves safe!