Some old people say that the latest technology is harming the new generation such as mobile phones, tablets, smart tv, etc. I really don’t criticise them, but everything is having its good effects and bad effects. Sometimes Technology proves to be a blessing for human beings. It’s only up to you whether you take its benefits or misuse it! If you want, you can reach new heights with the latest technology such as the “Smartphones”, which brings a lot of apps for every age. It acts as your companion when no one is with you and never  hurts your back! You can make a good use of the latest apps and make your life a little bit easier. For example- most of the people are fighting with their stress, which is caused by their work, any conflict, or for any reason. But, they don’t know how to beat their stress.

These Smartphone apps can help you tackle this situation very easily. Yes, there are thousands of apps and you have to choose one! But, we have made your work easier and developed an app for you. It’s known as Daily Journal & Guided Diary app which has been developed by Mindstory.

Daily Journal helps to reduce your stress and anxiety, boost your confidence and improves your health. It helps to create stories, track your mood and get insights on your mental state. This app is a simple to use self-care guided journaling app with a powerful mood tracker diary. You can write down everything in your diary and tell about your day, your moods, bad and good experiences, etc. You can describe people you met in your gratitude journal and jot down your thoughts Journal insights.

It’s a super-addictive app which will turn out to be a blessing for you and acts as a doctor. When you write things that are in your mind, it automatically reduces the pressure of taking any stress. You will feel very light and positive as well. It has different tabs which tracks your emotions, the number of times you logged in and how many words you have used, etc. It also helps you to analyse what was the best part of your day which helps you in reducing stress such as 3 victories that made your day. It’s just like a self-care meditation and self improvement tool!

The Daily Journal app is available for free on the Google App Store, but not available in India. It’s compatible with all the devices having 5.0 or any later versions of the OS. However, you can choose in-app purchases if you want to avail some extra features.

One the whole, Daily Journal is an easy to use platform for relieving stress and anxiety. You will be habitual form the day you’ve started using this app and your gratitude uplift at work and you will be a changed person in a positive way! So journaling itself is a fascinating self-care time, which develops an anti-anxiety, self-care mindset, relieves anxiety and stress. Go for it now and become a personality that you always wanted to be!

Pros: anxiety relief; reduce depression; gratitude uplift at work; boost gratitude and self-care skills; mood tracker; free to use.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App